Some thoughts on recently ban wave

Hello Ags,

Recently, more and more of my friends get banned. As far as I know, the main reason they get banned is RMT. Therefore, fewer of my friends could log in to the game.

I don’t use RMT, and I deeply know RMT has terrible effects on an MMO, and lots of MMOs get dead (e.g. bns) because of it. Instead, I only purchase upgrade services in an official way, like membership, skin, honing mats, etc.

However, when I found that I’m the only one who could log in and play the game in my guild, a question come to my mind. Is this a good way to punish the RMT players?

Definitely, they are cheating. They upgrade their characters in an unexpected way. At the same time, however, they spend lots of time in this game. My friends, each of them, play lots of alts to gather enough honing mats, clear all daily tasks, and are part of the first group of players who challenge the new dungeons. And, they also purchase the membership and skin if they really like it. In this aspect, they are the players of the game.

However, the RMT studios, which create the bots don’t play this game. They use scripts to manipulate a bunch of bots and let them earn gold. They don’t purchase membership, skin, and honing mats. What they pay is utilities for all the machines behind these bots. And, lots of time, they directly ruin the game, like login queuing and afk in a dungeon. In my perspective, they are not the players of the game.

So, I think it is the RMT studios and their bots that should get banned, not the RMT players. On the other hand, the fewer RMT studios in the game, the less RMT happens.

That’s all my words. Lost ark is a good game, and it is fun to play. I hope you could take it into account and make a better policy on RMT behavior.


It’s impossible to simply just ban bots and their “factories”

But it is possible to ban all RMT users and when they are gone these bots magically disappear

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Yes, I don’t care that they RMT, and I don’t care that they got banned. If they want to take the risk full well knowing they might get banned, they choose choose to take the risk.

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No they didn’t upgrade their characters in “unexpected” ways, they did it in ways that are damaging to the game.

If they really did enjoy the game and wanted to keep playing, they wouldn’t have risked it by RMTing. RMT sellers and botters are for sure an issue, but its a symptom, not the cause. The cause is players choosing to RMT through illegal ways for selfish short term gain while ruining the game for others. How does it ruin the game? You get unnatural amounts of gold injected into the game, faster progression curve on both main and alts, meaning they also generate “new” gold, meaning inflation runs rampant, which negatively impacts the game economy and health of the game in general just because they didn’t want to bother to take the time to naturally progress. Also, paying those botters means they see it is profitable and will continue to do so, which is why botters exploded on to Lost Ark. AGS can ban as many bots as they want, but they will always crawl back because of the profits they can make. The reason why you see so many bots in Lost Ark is simple, you and your idiot friends decided to make Lost Ark a gold mine for the botters.

Again, I wonder if your “friends” are able to do this through natural progression or because they RMT their way to their goal.

All of this could be avoided if people like ur RMT friends didn’t help fund botters and make it profitable to bot in this game. If there was no market for RMT with players not buying from botters, there wouldn’t be any money to be made from Lost Ark and botters would have moved on to different things, but your friends decided to help fund those botters into making lost ark a bot infested game, so thank god they were banned.

Quite frankly, it’s disgusting when I see people support their RMT friends, after seeing what it has done to the economy of the game. Part of me thinks you also RMT and you want to defend your friends because you know you are next. Hard to believe EACH of your friends RMT and it is just only you that is the innocent one. I hope you and your friends learned something from this and are permabanned instead of a temporary one.


Hello snooperdog,

Thank you for letting me know the details. I didn’t do RMT, and if you are the employee from ags, you could check my transaction history.

I will let my friends know that.

wild idea, if people like your friends wouldnt buy RMT gold then the bots wouldnt have any customers to sell to and all the issues would be solved :exploding_head:

odd how all and every one of your “friends” happen to have done RMT but only you didn’t and you seem to know every detail of how “they” play


If my friends were banned for RMT, I’d laugh my ass off and rub git gud in their faces, not take my time and effort to write a long ass post defending them when they don’t even bother themselves

btw seems like you are not aware that it’s still as bad as RMTing if your “friends helped you” progressing, honing, getting gold, etc.

according to Lost Ark terms of service, they aren’t

yeh shouldn’t have banned them just delete all their gear, items, and gold.

imagine buying from 3rd party when you can do it while you play the game lulz…if they cant afford the legal way they shouldnt do it. especially right now where you cant get grudge lvl12 for like 100 bucks in crystals

lol OP is literally saying “my friends stole from the store cuz stuff was too expensive, now they are in jail. please release them and incarcerate the store owner for making it too easy to just steal”


@horacexd tell your homies to stop RMTin and play the game.

If they’re impatient they need to find another game then

relax nomovedps, you will get ban soon too.
if you want gold buy it from steam is not that hard, banning rmt players is always good for everyone, if there are a lot of fucking bots and nobody to sell that gold, they will leave
keep banning rmt players amazon, good job there