Some tips for players that are tired of getting 9min yoho kills


Instead of whinning about how you joined matchmaking and didnt get perfect 3333 teammates to run with just click this other “unused” button named “find party”

If you FIND party you can control who gets to your grp and even what consumeables they bring


But its true. So consider using 2 min to create yoho “2x 333 phero pt order” grps and enjoy yohos done in 3/4 min max even with 1370ppl that is bare minimum instead of clicking matchmaking and rolling the dice. Same goes for Abysals.

I seriously consider that if you click “matchmaking” you have no right to complain what you get when there is option to get exactly what you want.

I run “find pt” method all the time, there are tons of very well geared alts with proper consumables waiting in your neighborhood all you need to do is click ^^


why would anyone bother using phero on such a small map?


I love MM Yoho.

Just reading how toxic people are to each other is enough to make 4-5mins worth it. Some players in this game need actual help, lmao. The chats are always filled with people getting disgustingly toxic with each other.


The solution is to bump your alts up to 1385 and do 5 min Velganos solo. Dog is about the same speed on average as fox with the extra time you burn in party find to locate fellow “Yoho enjoyers”, and comes with more loot.

i have never in my life, in these 6 months of lost ark, seen a yoho last 9 min, are you sure the problem is not you?


and the complaints continues. it’s like taking 2 or 3mins longer = the end of the world or something.

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i do 2x yoho in 9 min usually. But look at Forum and Reddit for past 3 days. This is targeted for them.


And why wouldnt they if they want? You are free to go and run fox without it. But I like my foxes to go down fast, and even 1 min faster per run on 8 chars is worth it for me.

If ppl join my party they accept this condition or not. You are free to create party however you want. 3333 for Oreha hard? Sure.

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I am ok with teaching ppl but MM yoho after Descaluda came out became chore with ppl that simply dont care, it is actually easier to kill yoho with 1370 mokokos with proper engravings than with “it is my 10th alt domination/expertise sorc with lvl 3 def reduction”

Never actually seen someone going bananas in chat in yoho… In Abysals yes but not in MM yoho, but since I stopped using mm very early maybe my knowledge of how mm is is skawed. Find party crews are usualy chill fast and efficient.

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Fair enough, some people like to hyper optimize even down to seconds and minutes. I just like to conserve what I can in game, If I had 8 alts and was generating like 10s of thousands of gold a week I would prob feel the same way as you.

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tbf with how hard mats crashed, someone isnt selling mats from 1370 alts for “10s of thousands of gold a week” maybe 5-10k total if your lucky xD

9000 guardian stones is like 2700-3600 gold on NAE right now

omega optimizing things is great if they have the items, but eventually all those free battle item chests are going to be gone and people will have to spend gold on them again. when someone is going through a chest worth of phero’s a day that shit adds up lol

isnt phero like 10g on market? and you get around 140g per yoho kill? And in grp you phero once? so its 1 phero per 2 yoho kills? Who even open chests for something other that big hp pots and timestops that are actually pricy.

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you only get that if you are selling the mats, if your using them too hone your always at a loss.

but! things are cheap right now because no one really needs to buy anything.

i have 200 grenade chests and 200 support chests and i use them constantly. i have just 60 of each grenade on all my characters and ill open more as i need em.

but slowly u start to run out of chests and when the free stuff is gone. those items are going to go up in price lol

if you are so sure you can invest.
Mats you drop are always gain. Drops you get are drops you dont need to buy. Still 4runs of yoho are are worth 1 leapstone NOW you are free to hoard boxes till eveything is 30g per piece but we all will be getting more gold then so it will be still same.

imagine struggling on yoho omegalul

the long term problem is inflation.

the materials will always drop in price due too heavy supply. but as more and more people go into legion raids on alts we will move closer and closer to the level of inflation KR has. where its almost 3000 gold per 100 blue crystals. (last i saw was around 2800g)

what this means is things like potions and grenades ect will all become more expensive while the materials we gain will become cheaper comparatively even if the actual price remains the same. so selling them to “make up” for the loss of gold will no longer work at that point.

because it not going to be just phero’s. its everything like potions, whirlwinds. destructions, corrosions, dark bombs, flares/timestops all of these are going to start costing people gold and they will not be cheap.

like add up the potion cost, phero cost and any other item you use per yoho and tell me your going to make a profit lol

you dont just “get more gold then”; proportionally everything will be the same since you’ll have more gold but at the same time everything will cost more. the difference is that by that point you’ll also have extra daily expenses like needing to regularly buy battle items for 6+ characters.

Dude what?

The way to view matchmaking is it’s, you and 3 NPCs vs the boss. If you’re taking more than 5 minutes tops on Yoho, you’re not doing enough damage.

Just carry your own weight and you’ll never have a 9 minute Yoho. RIP Supports though.

Looks like I’m the only one that laughs when someone getting caught by a tornado causes a chain reaction that ends with everyone turning into a big booba fox girl.

its still like 10k a day if you sell every single thing

Maps too small to care. Lol If it was another layout Pheromones easily. I’ve never had a yoho over 5 minutes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Average around 3-4

If you want to save 5-20 seconds go for it. Not sure the price on Pheromones, but if 10g, multiply that by say 12 I guess. (6 characters) I run 2x everyday for each character. -120g/day to save we’ll just say 5 minutes total. Meh… also, saving for Lost Ark 2. :slightly_smiling_face: