Some tips for successful honing

Those tips have helped me alot through my honing journey:-

1- Always smile before you click the honing button
2- Have a good healthy meal and make sure you have walked 30. minutes a day
3- Have a 7 hours sleep the night before honing
4- You need to surprise the honing NPC, for example you are running to NPC for honing and selecting all the materials. But before click the honing, you cancel it and open the window again and continue to hone ( tested )
5- Join a guild
6- /dance for the honing NPC
7- Make sure the pc is on while honing and connected to the internet with no VPN

Am sure my fellow members will share some tips too and Goodluck in your honing session.

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This is my honing method

50/50 you hit it or you dont

the end.