Some tips for you that u wanna ranked pvp

  1. less than 350k dmg? Dont play ranked, go back to TDM and practise, expecially if ur playing broken dps like a deathblade;

  2. Stop goin ham 1v3 all the time: its a teamgame, look for your teammates and try to peel for the if they are in danger.

  3. Save your ultis for crucial moments and big opportunities: dont rush your ultimate just for the sake of using it: try to get the best of it; especially if it means to keep it until the very last 40-30 secs.

If you lack map awareness and just wanna go yolo 1v3, stick to unranked or 1v1 unranked because ranked is not a place for you right now (also if your not meeting the points above)

Im struggling hard even spamming paladin, after rerolling from wardancer at 1200 rating, with a poor 14 points per win/lose.

this game is a terrible pvp experience ( I do pvp since 2007 in WOW, im no gladiator but ive hit duelist several times). Ive never been so tilted for a pvp game until now. Give us team ranked and let us choose our teammates: class balance isnt working anyways people already goin with deathblade sorc pala bard alts, everyone realised already the best classes to have higher chance to win so the argument “team pvp is bad cos everyone is gonna use the same op comp” its invalid.

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Also if you dont know how super armor, stagger, low stagger and other status effects work and how to manage immunity rates, just dont play ranked pvp: go watch guides because the pvp is complex, you can’t just que and hope for the best and your lacking key knowledge to have a chance at this. Ive seen so many bad players at 1200 its unbearable.

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These are my teammates right now. Its so impossible to carry these unskilled players

if you cant carry with paladin at this elo (at least as much to get out of bronze). sry you deserve to be there.
you either run a wrong build and/or are rly bad. you should have practiced more after rerolling and do research about meta builds and how to play it and not just hop straight into ranked

paladin is one of the 2 broken OP classes this game has right now on western release.

I did research dude and I know the key points of playing paladin:

First , Ive watched pro player builds and how to chain combo effectively, picking off guard people with the charge, using the holy sword to knockdown or cc’ed enemies to always hit the huge dmg

Prepping at the start of the arena with the damage reduction buff, using -70% dmg reduction to teammates who are struggling or knocked down

I know my shit and its paying off in the short run, but in the long run its always frustrating.

And obv I did 20-30 unranked matches before goin ranked as a paladin to get used to the class, so your points are slightly wrong

you are clearly overestimating your abilties. play more get better eventually you rise. or you are just a tilter and drag your team down with toxic behaviour. could also be possible. but nothing changes the fact you deserve to be on that rating at the moment


20-30 unranked? Are you trolling? That’s nothing. You might need 200 games to just start to get used to a class in pvp.


Sure. How about telling that to the countless of players ( you can clearly see how they play) who dont even play a single unranked TDM before joining ranked? Ive already 150 games in ranked, playing unranked TDM for me is already pointless, I just steamroll and win every game

Dont really agree with the dmg thing, but people defo need to stop running it down 1v3


I usually go in 1v3 assuming my team(usually being ranged) will come in with a nuke or at least a stunn to prevent me from wiping the floor. All skills are ready, I stun, i go in, knock up 2, instead of my team doing anything about it I get stopped by the 3rd person in their team while it could be prevented if my team participated in the fight we had the initial advantage in. Yes I am stuck in bronze because of that mentality. In this low elo, dont be like me. Expect nothing from your teammates. They most likely wont help you and your attempts will be in vain.

Bro git gud if you can’t climb further than 1200 (btw, u started at 1250).

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Can someone explain why a 1200 rating palading is trying to guide people?

Guys don’t do it, it’s a trap

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You dont need to be grandmaster to notice what works best in this pvp environment…

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To be fair you did 311k damage. That team you faced, is also bronze level clearly. Yes that sorc looks like he inted all game, maybe offer some advice instead of being so toxic? Your experience in WoW does not translate over at all. Like others have said, even at 200 games you’ve barely touched the surface of pvp. Watching “pro” players and performing at a pro level are two different things. The solo queue is something many games have been begging for, the pvp in Lost Ark isn’t perfect, but to call it terrible just isn’t true.


Roadmap pvp when?

Yes, Yes you do my guy, you need to be good enough to actually climb.

" Yeah i’m actually bronze in league but i know how the game should be played at a challanger level "

Stop yourself

im a deathblade , sometimes i do more then 350K , its not about the dmg , its about survivebility
i see peoples go 1vs 3
Some stunes are a bit much
Yes DB is quite good in pvp , but not easy :slight_smile:

Man, looking at the team chat i see you are a toxic person. You are not someone to tell ppl what they can do and not. If they want to play ranked its not on you to stop them. Work on yourself or stop playing pvp if you cant take what the system gives you yet.

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All these points make absolutely no sense for ranked PvP because this one my friend is about crowd control and survivability. This is especially more important at Lost Ark where we have so much crowd control and also the ability to get up after being knocked down at the cost of a cooldown.

This will will break more things than ever fixing anything since the few statics will practically queue all the time and monopolize all the games. And that is not all because we will also see win trades really often.

It might also look like you are doing so much for the team by playing the paladin class and being super useful but you need to remember that playing support means to mostly not play a damage dealing class yourself and rely on other two damage dealing players that might not have the proper synergy nor the knowledge to even make the difference. You are giving while you are taking at the same time even as a support and you need to consider how much you are giving against how much you are taking to know if you are on the plus side.

p.s. i have switched from bard to sorcerer and i am having a blast in the real sense

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Thank you for your patience to write this.

Was clearly obvious my thread was when I was hitting a TILT state, problems are still there sometimes. I still think that wasting ultimate during the first seconds of the game imo is a waste: I’m not saying this, lost ark korean challengers saying so;

Tons of ppl tunnel vision enemies, while in the back their team is getting wrecked or even worse, their CC’in hard the support, and they dont turn back on them;

Team ranked and soloQ as two separates mode and separates ranks is actually a good idea.
This game in its entirely its not group friendly (ilvl walls, daily completion of raids, etc, you have actually to organise the exact time and day with you and your friends to do content together, but people have stuff to do IRL so eventually people are gonna playin on their own, but this is another topic aswell).

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