Someone said "without Pheon ab stone will be overpriced, what is this then?


New class release, people are earning some free gold off of the new reapers gearing out rn.


move along, these are not the pheons you are looking for…

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It happens with every new class xD
they will go lower in a few days

Everyone knows pheons are there to fight all the bad evil market flippers.

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That’s also my point, the price of stone depend on “Demand & Supply”. Pheon don’t prevent the overpriced. So just removed Pheon system from the game.


Pheon are not to prevent flipping
It’s there to create an unlimited constant global demand for BC. That will drive f2p to exchange their gold to BC
And it will in the end enables swiper to exchange their RC to gold
It’s as simple as that. Evil system, but smart indeed


you cant flipp stones…
pheons are only for the real money vs crystal trading eco nothing else.


Pheon’s purpose is to provide a constant demand for blue crystals.

But stones will definitely be higher without pheons. In NAW, each stone costs 3,700 additional gold in pheons. Imagine your rock went from 3,800 gold to 100 gold overnight. Would you buy it? Most would

Looks like a price drop, I sold mine for 7500.
Purple books are going for 200 gold now too.

Before reaper release, I bought it around 500 to 1000 gold. And it had around 30 pages.

This has nothing to do with pheons. Its all because of the new class release gearing hype.

That happened even when arcana came out.

that’s a small example of what would happen with the free 30 pheons imagine no pheons

Offert and demand!

No pheon = I save 25,000 gold to exchange to blue crystal. So I can use blue crystal to open card slots instead.

Supply and demand.

I spent alot on blue crystal when it was 500g-1k. Best decision of my life

That’s cheap. NAW keen blunt/ambush goes for 7k minimum. Screw that, just going to keep a 6/6 legendary stone that I bought once for 1.7k…

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95 bc on EUC is 2.5k rn so 1 BC is 26 gold. You need 850 BC for 100 pheons so that’s 22k gold and you can buy 11 stones for 100 pheons.

So if someone decides to buy 11 stones that would cost them 57k gold if they are starting out with 0 pheons. Without pheons 11 stones would cost 35k gold.

If a person has 57k gold and there are now no pheons they can now buy 16 stones instead of 11.

This means that the demand goes up by 1.45x. If the prices increase accordingly each stone will now cost 5000 gold. So your 57k gold now gets you 11 stones ie. the same amount as with pheons.



You can’t even flip stones soo this conversation should not exist in the first place.

Considering Reapers “end-game” is with those 2 values I assume players are taking advantage off it. This includes more likely flipping Ambush Master / Adrenaline accessories.

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