Something about gold spammers and bots

One idea, how about rewarding players for gold spammer reports with some token amount of amethyst shard? I would see it as an amount of e.g. 5-10pcs per report, where of course one would only get the reward after confirming that it was spam. That would have to be technically sorted out somehow on the Amazon servers side.

However, I can imagine that after some number of reports it would ban the account automatically, or some bot can review these reports and then ban them.

It would also help a bit with the number of free slots on the server, so it seems like a win-win solution to me. People will have an incentive to report gold spammers, and Amazon can make the job of identifying them a bit easier.


The report is optional, that’s why there is a section in the character menu.

Reporting to these improvements the quality of the your game and the community, that is the reward.

There are many bots that escape the security of games, this is unavoidable, no software is safe.

Right now I guess the situation is out of control due to queues, game start failures and many more problems. Surely as time goes by they will address these problems.

A greeting. :slight_smile:

Time will solve everything :slight_smile:

I believe that most people do the reports without any rewards, but from my point of view, if I want a “better quality sample” and reward those people somehow, I get a much better tool to automate it, since then almost everyone will report it with the vision of some rewards.

Of course, there’s also some level of exploitability, so the system would have to be rethought and it’s questionable whether anyone would even want to implement it.

However, I believe that some tool involving “human power”, or ideally a combination of tools, is the most effective, machine-only control is never enough and never will be.

Well ppl should do that, for the purpose of having a better game, sadly many don’t.

I personally report each one I see on chat.
I don’t expect anything out of it, the fact my chat gets cleaner is enough.

Would be great if more did this.
Cause a mass report each time a bot showed up, would probably do something.

All I did last night for an hour was jump around to different cities reporting gold bots. I don’t need any gold for compensation, them being banned is enough compensation for me.

I don’t know how much of a difference it actually makes, but i’m still reporting regardless.

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