Something changed for Arcanist in PVP

In arena pvp i noticed he does a LOT more damage after last patch. I don’t know the class in PVP. Can someone say what changed? It has become more than OP now.

Stacking is easier, and some tripods changed to be better for Emperor build in PvE, those changes are used in PvP.

Before, Arcanist was here to peel and mass control, now it can hard carry.

Very cool, as i saw an Arcanist doing 900k+ in arena, while i am gatheting dirt with my gunslinger. I admit Arcanists werent top of Tier but now they seem as broken as the DB. Well at least they dont have so many imunities.

Well Gunslinger is not bad either.

Can stagger for too much time, and can even kill with one combo someone who doesnt have his neutral.

gunslinger can stagger as long as any other class, 3s after the patch if im remembering correctly/
also every class can 1combo every other class if someone doesnt have a roll its nothing special.

The problem was the damage he has done and i dont think its an exception. I played with many master, grandmaster and in EU release no one did 900k+ damage in a competitive game. I saw an artilerist once, but that was when Bronze players were involved, they were jumping in his bombs :slight_smile: Only in rusia players did 900k even 1200k damage but there we had 1 minute more and 250 more Swiftness.

Yeah ok try to do that with Wardancer or Demonic

Arcanist OP now…also dont know why.

But no one speaks about destroyer that is absoluuty to perfect for Pvp? I mean they are literally immune to anything including cancer.

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Destroyer is allready a meme by now :slight_smile:

I would rather play vs 3 Artilirist or 3 sorceress. Destroyers are just to perfect.

? transformed SH does 100%->0% people with no roll
easily, I dont play wd so dont know specifics but I did get 100% → 0% if I had no roll by them too

Something that can happen once in a game ok

Alt F4 doesnt count young friend.

Stop lying.

and how often does gs awakening happens ? because without that you wont 100% anyone even without a roll, unless we talk about red timer 100% crit lucky dog shit at which point even supports can kill you in 1 rotation.

Yeah ok you’re one of those that will create things, and don’t care about how the game really is.

I think it’s clear.


Says guy insulting my age and providing nothing to the topic at hand.
Typical, I have nothing to say but want to leave with my nose up high.
Learn your class and you will win games, grass is not greener on the other side.

Insulting your age ? What’s that ?

“Your 14 years of life are ugly” ?

Cmon bro, you can’t be complaining when you act like the common sense of this game doesnt exist.

Some class can 100% > 0% without ult, and some can’t even with ult.

That’s why this game has a bad balance, and is dead when it comes to PvP.

I mean, it is how it is, don’t need to create things, reality won’t change even if you don’t accept it :wink:

I’m litteraly the 1st answer, that explain what changed.

You high bro ?

Gunslinger is strong, but as usual low rank whiners, you complain about wrong things.
Stagger and damage against people with no roll, what a joke.
No wonder entire playerbase is hard stuck against arti.
gl in your silver games " young friend "

" Can stagger for too much time, and can even kill with one combo someone who doesnt have his neutral. "
thats you complaining

That’s not complaining ?

I’ll ask again, you high bro ?