Something has changed

I play on Danube server and have done so for quite a while. Up until a week or so ago, my typical experience joining a group for chaos dungeon or gaurdian raid was being paired immediately after hitting the button to join.

I’ve noticed three things over the last few weeks…

  1. My server is often labeled as “busy” when I log on to play each day.

  2. Now when I join guardio raids or chaos dungeon pugs, I seldem get put into a group and often have to do them solo now

  3. Bots have gotten so much worse. Now I am seeing 100’s of bots in a train going back and forth to do chaos dungeon as well as throughout the world.

What gives? It’s almost like there are fewer real players and more bots which may explain why I am having a hard time getting matched in a timely manner. I remember thinking how crazy it was to not get matched for a chaos dungeon after waiting 10 minutes when the server was labeled as busy when I logged on. Something is not right…


A Whale has spawned on your server !

It’s because there ARE fewer and fewer actual people playing the game. There are so many bots on some servers real people can’t even get on because there’s a queue.

Even some servers on NAE, a region which has not had queues since launch week, reported queues today.

As for why, it’s happening because AGS/Smilegate aren’t willing to ban gold buyers and are unable to actually implement measures to deal with them. With no real penalty for buying gold and no way to stop bot creation things are spiraling out of control. If things continue as they are I am expecting huge 10k+ queues on all servers by this time next month.

To top it all off Slimegate posted a press release bragging about how happy they are about our region’s 800k concurrent “players”. Don’t take my word for it, run it through google translate and see for yourself:

Really shows how much they care about what’s going on doesn’t it? That article was the last straw for me. I’m done with this game until I see AGS/Slimegate take real action against RMT.


Bots and RMTers are absolutely at the heart of this issue, and the root of the problem. This is not a new problem for Amazon, and it looks like they haven’t learned enough from their troubles with New World.

Perhaps Lost Ark will ultimately die the same way New World did.

Time to bust out the harpoons and go hunting

Welcome to Bots Ark they’ll be slowly taking over that server too most likely. They’ve started to infect NAE and SA in a bigger way. One reason might be because people in those regions have started to RMT, one reason might be because the botters are getting away with it over in NAW, so they’re expanding. Sad but also kind of funny at this point… since there’s nothing left to do but laugh.

I know you’re not saying it outright, but it’s funny to me how people talk about NA East as if it’s the lower population region, when in fact it’s the opposite.

The queues on NA West are solely due to bots. The lower population NA West servers are likely comprised of 80% bots or more.

No matter how low the player base it should be impossible to have a 10min queue unless ur below t3.

Imagine people believing the roadmap shitshow wouldn’t amount to many players leaving