Something I have noticed on Steam forums

Ok so, this needs to be known by more people. I already talked about it on multiple posts on Steam forums when i noticed the trend. And now im going to share it here so hopefully the devs see it, and it puts a fire under them to get this fixed.

There is a trend going on. Of people coming onto the Steam forums with .2 hours played saying they got hacked and banned from a game they dont play. Some say they change the email and phone number on their accounts. Change the region to China, or wherever the hacker is from. Buy a bundle of crystals on a card not owned by the original account owner. Then just leave the account alone after that.

At first I didnt realize it. But after a few minutes of thinking on it. I realized they are using stolen information on stolen accounts, to fun the gold selling. So not only does botting hurt the lost ark economy and clog the servers. But its actually funding legitimate criminal activity from hackers.

This is completely unacceptable. The game is being used to launder money. RMT buyers should receive a PERMANENT ban, no exceptions. Allowing them to keep playing the game, is completely unacceptable. Finding those who RMT cannot be that hard. As one youtuber pointed out tier 1 market transactions for over 1m gold.

Dont just take the gold from them, put them in the negative, and give them a 3 day slap on the wrist. Ban them. They are helping criminals launder money.

I just wanted to share this here. I wont actively reply to this thread, and im not sure if there are any other threads that point out this either. I just over the past month or so keep seeing these threads on the steam forums, and felt I needed to post it here to make it more visible to those who can stop it. Cheers.

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