Something is wrong with our Honing System

I tried to upgrade a armor piece with books and protection materials for a T2 alt, it shows 100% succesrate but somehow it failed to upgrade.
How is this possible? pls explain

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proof ?

if i know that would happen i would record it

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If your server is lagging really hard, this might happen. I saw a clip of that before lol.

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without actual proof you wont get much help or response from a mod. id recommend getting nvidia gforce experience and enabling instant replay, or which can capture your last 15-20mins of gameplay then just cut out the part you need or make gifs in future

hmm yea but a lag that cause a fail wit a 100% succesrate, i dont belive that

alright thanks for the tipp

I didn’t believe it either.

Apparently you don’t lose the materials.


Lost Ark 100% means 50% lul. I love how Smilegate defends that their rates are correct


And how do you know they are wrong?

Cause 100% doesnt mean guarantee in this game??? Wtf lol

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I don’t know what’s wrong with it but I saw a clip of a streamer “doing” that too.
Guess this bug is not too important and impactful to bother with it.

If they cant get 100% right, I wonder what other values are wrong

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That’s was just server lag wdym?

How do you know that?

Cause they got the materials back and there was massive lag?

Ah I just read the description above the clip. So no mats were used when “doing” the hone meaning the hone never happened

This, really this, my 50% Honing rates generally mean 3 to 4 failures before success. I know RNG is RNG but the luck never seems to go the other way.

It must be bug!