Something is wrong with reaper

I love my reaper but its definitely getting a bit annoying. The playstyle is so cool but it feels like i can get mvps with every other character i have while with reaper you need to do all that maneuvering just for a very subpar dmg.

Ive spent so much gold and time gearing her 5x3 and learning about the class: ive met the spec breakpoint which is almost 1700 and my rotations are perfect.

This class got nerfed way to much before coming to the west version. at this point i can tell the gatekeeping is justified not because its hard to perform well because even if you do play well the damage wont be there anyways.

Its very sad to see that a class with such a unique playstyle get treated like that with its only purpose being memed about right now.


fighters rejoice

Too many class have this treatment atm. They say they keep in mind that all class should be able to clear content. Thats a lie. Newer class like reaper need some love and older class like Soulfist need a complete rework, the same genre Arcana received. I just hate how they approach balancing in this game. You cannot balance 2-3 class at a time cause then you create even more problem for all the other class that hadn’t been balanced yet. AKA this is a mess.

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Welcome to high skill, low reward gameplay.


Strange reaper actually deal a lot of damage if you can play her properly

But it’s true that compared to the big 4 arcana sorc artillerist and summoner

You will have a hard time snatching the cruel fighter
But thats the same for most classe

Bro every class can clear content. It can both be true that damage is subpar compared to other classes, but still clear content well. Let’s face it, 99% of the time y’all (and me included) can’t clear raids because we die to mechanics, not because we can’t do enough damage unless it’s hell content.

The issue is that reaper isn’t only DPS. It’s also one of the best stagger and destruction classes. It also boost others damage with 100% corrosion uptime. Yes you do okay damage but the damage isn’t the selling point. It’s the mobility and utility.

Maybe hunger. Lunar voice it what im playing and its got a lot of issues.

Shes got the weakest destruction and stagger of all my roster and whats worse,shadow and dagger skills have no stagger at all so you need to use your red skills for the stagger check leaving you with zero dps after its complete!

Utility skills (counter+mobility) need to be used to fill persona mode

shes back attack + hard to play + squishy so dmg should be over the roof imo. Mob clearing is trash too.
The only thing that keeps me playing her is her flashy playstyle

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From what you’re saying I’m assuming you’re lunar. My observation is from a hunger standpoint. I always have corrosion up, I always get cruel or advancing annihaltor no matter who is on the team.

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they have okay stagger at best and their destruction is like the 3rd worst in teh game. They have a fair number of mid stagger spells but they are still way bellow the stagger of a scrapper, gunlancer, arti. And they have 2 Weak Point 1 spells one of which is on a 16 second cooldown. Even with the CD reduction from vortex they are still WAY worse than scrapper, glaivier, destroyer, red gunlancer, arcana if they get even a single reset and are just on par with the bulk of other classes with only Pally and Striker being defacto 1st and 2nd worst.

Their synergy is just fine, it’s the same synergy as Gunlancer, destroyer and Arti and they all have 100% uptime with only destroyer being maybe a little less. It’s also comparable to the 6% damage synergy which Sorcs, Scrappers and Zerkers bring with the same uptime.

I think the reaper hate is overblown but don’t go around spreading this shit.

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wrong class if all you care about is getting mvp

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??? They have 2 mid and 2 mid high as hunger. And as full swiftness hunger with Cooldown gems and vortex, you’re using a stagger skill every other skill in an infinite loop if you cycle your skills correctly. Same with the destruction skills. Their damage isn’t amazing but you can cycle and move without stopping.

Because the vast majority of destruction spells are in a window you can’t fit more than 2 destruction spells in on reaper in most of them. Even with vortex on cooldown you are still using Glowing brand every 6-8 seconds and dance every 12 seconds which is not enough to fit 2 in a window. Compare that to a scrapper who can fit 3 weakpoint 1s and a weakpoint 2 in the same 8 second window. Basically for Destruction the number of spells matter more than how often you can use them. The only scenario where consistent destruction matters is stuff like Kunga which is rare.

Stagger is kinda the same thing where alot of times you only really care about burst stagger. There are of course cases where consistent stagger matters like brel g4 and just stagger in general for some bosses but even in that scenario reapers are mostly mid for consistent stagger. Better than alot of classes but worse than alot also.

Basically reaper can keep up moderate sustained stagger but they only really have 1 spell that gives great burst stagger.

If I’m being purely numbers oriented there is basically no reason to take a reaper over a scrapper. You of course can enjoy and take a reaper because they are in no way so bad you can’t clear with them. In fact I still think reaper is fine and fairly middle of the pact if you ever run into one with level 5 tripods. But strictly speaking they are just a worse scrapper in most ways.

I agree hunger sounds much better on paper this post was mainly about lunar voice, but hunger is not that great too, you need super high uptime and skill to do good dmg.

Yeah bosses with short DPS windows hurts my soul.

lunar deals better damage than hunger but still falls significantly behind classes like deathblow or surge despite being similar or higher difficulty in actual fights

it also has very bad mobility and utility (stagger/destruction) unless you sacrifice your damage output directly because every single one of your spells including all mobility spells are part of your rotation

the class is extremely fun imo which is why i main it but i do agree that its damage output is somewhat weak, even in trixion compared to for example db/surge, we are also currently missing the most recent balance adjustment from kr which reduces the identity animation lock and gives atk speed for the quite slow spells on lunar which most likely has a slightly positive impact on performance in real fights


I agree but I dont care to be rly… If I wana be a MVP hunter I would play the op meta spec classes…

I have a reaper main as well (1545) and I have a hunger and luna setup.
I started with hunger and wanted to try luna aswell. Still dont know what I pref… Hunger way more chill but my hand D; … lunar is cool (high numbers ) but from dmg side they feel like the same.

Its nice that the dmg of hunger and lunar are “similar” but imo lunar should be stronger bc you giveup so some utility for your team… IMO there is no real point to play lunar bc hunger deals a bit less dmg but your uptime is high and you bring utility for your team.

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welcome to high skill low reward gang lmaof , what kind of balance that u nid to hit perfectly all skill to rotation 3/4 ur main dmg skill and barely save any skill for stagger/counter etc , u miss one and u can only do 2 red skill

Do you have full level 5 tripods and level 10 gems? From what I was told and have seen, anything below perfectly min-maxed is… underwhelming, to say the least.

i might going to delete her…

wasted Gold and Pheons(cutting rocks) too much on her i still cant handle her like supposed to!

she just so weird…