Something need to change

Red Portal in Chaos Dungeon = Crash no loot.
Guardian Raid crashed after killing Deskaluda = relogging = no loot.

If this continue its not worth to do daily content any more…

Lost 3 Red Portal so far and 2 Deskaluda loot.

Its not funny anymore.

Maybe there is something wrong with your computer.

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the red chaos portal is definitely a bug. I’ve heard other people had the same issues with it and I had this happen to me as well a couple days ago. couldn’t log back into that character until the 5mins in that room was up so I “failed” the chaos dungeon and then i was able to log back into that character.

I also did see a raid with deskaluda where one of our party members dc’d randomly and when he came back after the raid was done he said his game had crashed and his guardian soul did not spawn

i was thinking that too, was cleaning my pc, redoing thermal paste. antivirus etc etc. reinstalled lost ark .everything from my pc is working fine . its only the t3 chaos dungeon which crashes on me when its a red portal. t1 and t2 are fine.
that with deskaluda is annoying but happend today. ist just sad for the 800-900g worth of greater leapstones.

repair your lost ark, i’ve no issues so far with red portals

LoL, you are out of touch
red portal south vern (1415+) is a known bug.

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