Something positive :)

For all this hours of waiting - one conclusion:
It was a pleasure to meet you. Think - if we played, we would never get to know each other and talk. I hope the servers won’t get up too soon, maybe I’ll make it …
So as we are all here: I’m looking for a good job, maybe someone something?
I would also exchange my wife for a new one. Any candidates?
HF :smiley:


How much will you pay me to take your wife off your hands?


about tree fiddy for the wife

Can recommend Pokemon Legends - Arceus, she’s a lovely lady.

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Going to need her email and a .gif

Probably you would pay me after you met her.

If you don’t like your wife, why are you married to her in the first place?

Wait a second…

It’s the Loch Ness monster!

Shoo! You ain’t gettin’ no tree fiddy!

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Look like we have an UUA.

different thins happens in life :slight_smile:
he may be joking or maybe they get know each other for real when it was been to late who knows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey of course I am joking - I love my wife as hell.
True is that server down is great oppportunity to meet all of you !
In Poland is now 22:35 hopes for playing today are so low now…

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The should consider a re-name Lost Hours has a jingle to it?

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Maybe they really did loose the ark?

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I’ve been playing with my cat and cleaning my kitchen. We are all laying on the floor and totally sick of each other. Great day!!

Does your wife come with a boat?