Sometimes Im wondering how these ppl are not fired already

Imagine this scenario in normal industry out of gaming. You have deadline on some project, you announce to your boss that you finished it and few hours before final presentation you just tell him that you were joking and you had nothing because u had better things to do with your life.
Im wondering how day in the life looks like for amazon employee. you are not writing that code, you are not testing the patch itself, you are not reporting bugs before the patch day. what exactly that job includes?


Now, imagine the people defending amz games and sg.


delay is ok but they should have just let the people know when the patch is really ready to avoid confusion. Because if the people does not know no one will expect. I’m not in the seat to say but they could have test the build first, before announcing the new class ,making trailer and giving patch notes.

just too sad i rolled my gems for the upcoming sharpshooter now i still cant use it. perhaps still have time to earn the gold.

multiple ppl are taking days off from work to enjoy new contents in MMO. it was always the case past 20 years. now imagine you take your day off to have proper gaming day with friends just as the old good times and after you wake up you notice that theres actually nothing new at all. Making trailer and promo with specific date and not releasing it right after is just false advertising on product what clearly dont exist yet.


Man, we have been bashing blizzard for some time now, but I miss real schedules and actually releasing content.

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ye blizzard was a poopshow with releases aswell (garrison week for example) but at least you actually got the content. AGS should just keep their server offline with maintenance and work on it until the patch is ready to upload. waiting on next week is just disrespectful to everyone.

you can’t fire 2 ppl that are acceping to do gods’ work for a low price since they’re the only one accepting to do it and get all the blame. That’s expensive