Sometimes it's The Littlest Things That Can Make a Person Snap

Every single time a dash gets cut-off early because I ran into something, like a tree, or NPC, I want to throw my keyboard into the sun.


Coming from TERA, I had to adjust to a number of things myself.

The fact that skill cooldown bar that you can freely position doesn’t exist and I have to look down at my skill bar to see the CD,

Spacebar skill does not allow you to move through the boss in this game and you somehow have to navigate around the boss if you are standing right in front of it and you need to get behind him (Talking about small boss like vykas, seto, etc. Even in tera, you can’t pass through very ‘large’ boss)

Spacebar provides super armor but no iframe, meaning you still take the dmg during animation. So there is no ‘dodge’ skill, only a movement skill with super armor. Timing spacebar to gain invincibility is no more.

Playing a gunlancer, some boss/guardian hitbox frustrates me as the Shield Charge skill can easily makes you go through the boss. For example, when Deskaluda gets staggered while you are Shield Charging in front of it, the hitbox of Deskaluda moves forward as it staggers and you end up passing through it. Ridiculous IMO. If boss’s hitbox has to move forward in a case like this and a player is using damage skill that moves forward, then maybe the boss’s hitbox should move the player back as the boss hitbox moves forward. That way, the player is still positioned in front of the boss.


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omg its like we are related or something, I’m exactly the same. XD

On the level 50 grind horseback dashes always felt like they had a larger hitbox than damn turtle…

Getting interrupted while casting (and your skill goes on CD without doing anything) by a challenger mob in Chaos dungeons is incredibly infuriating.


if that gets you going you all should try lost ark 2 EAC Offline revenge of the SPELP. if you did being frustrated this is the thing for you. lets explore the game play. Press start wait 4-8 mins for game to load, select your server, look at your characters and decide which one you want to play, press launch now this is where the fun begins, wait, stutter, wait and sometimes you get the no you shall not pass message and the game quits, other times you will be allowed to load into the game walk around and admire the scenery but this is all a trap should EAC or SPELP recognize you are enjoying the game they attack kicking you from the server just so you can do it all over again! yay I know you are so jealous me being able to play lost ark 2 while your only playing lost ark 1 pfffft. maybe someday you will be able to have as much fun as me.
I will happily take interrupted casting or dashes over my version of this game…

It’s even worse in pvp. If you even think about using a skill and you get interrupted it goes on cd.

“Looks like you were trying to dash here, let me catch your character on a single pixel and ruin your day!”

Never related with a post more on these forums

Bro as a gunlancer I am right there with you. I feel your pain all the time. When I use shield charge to move faster to a guardian and I get stuck on a rock that is literally the size of my foot I get so annoyed. When using shield charge to try and get away from the turtle in the snow storm and I get stuck on its foot. The collision in this game is horrible.

Hey, a fun thread for once. Let’s go!

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yeah. the spacebar stuck while hitting a pebble is very2 anoying

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