Song of Escape bug in Legion Raids?

Hello, I’ve read a couple posts to this topic, but I wanted to confirm this bug (feature?) that when you use Song of Escape after proceeding to the next gate you can’t re-join and do the last gate?

Moving this to the bugs and localisation feedback section of the forums.

Does this happen consistently every time?

As an additional question, what is your character name and server?

Oh sorry, I completely forgot about it. No it doesn’t happen consistently, it was the first time it happened to me whilst using the song. I got the re-entry ticket a couple days afterwards.
Sorry for the late reply

I just experienced this exact bug.

  1. While the proceed vote was up I started playing the song of escape, thinking I could play it during the stop raid time.
  2. The proceed vote finished
  3. The checkpoint and proceed point showed up
  4. The song ended
  5. I cannot enter the raid anymore even though it clearly shows I have completed the gates up to that point