'song of the deep sea

I have done the abyssal dungeon but my quest is stuck and i cant do it again because of the weekly timer

Hello! @Tertzi

I’m sorry for this issue that you are experiencing. I’d recommend to try to exit the game and verify the integrity of the game files, steps to do it will be on the link below:

After that relaunch the game and check if the quest is unstuck, if the issue remains I suggest to contact a representative from the live channels or send a web ticket in order to make a report for it to be investigated.

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Just to provide some actual feedback, I’m currently in the same situation as OP.

@Dim please let Smilegate devs know that if you do the Gate of Paradise Abyssal Dungeons BEFORE doing the Nineveh’s quest in Whisper Islet, this quest chain of hers should automatically check that you’ve already done these Abyssal Raids, because it’s omega silly frankly, having to do them again. I wish NOT to relive having to do them again, it was a real pain in the butt, so having learned now that I have to do them again just to progress the story is, well… lol.

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I’ve had the exact same issue! I did Sea of Indolence yesterday and now I can’t do the Song of the Deep Sea quest due to the timer. The game files are fine, restarting the game and logging back in did not force the quest to register that it had been previously completed.

I did contact live support and the answer was

“This is working as intended, you will have to wait until the dungeon unlocks.”

Kinda crappy to be locked out of story quest progress like this :frowning:

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