Song of Trixion NOT Teleporting

When Song of Trixion is played nothing happens turning it impossible to finish the quest Ratik on an alt char.

The song does not work in any character on the account.

Characters: Cncabessa, Augury, Epithymía.

Server Kazeros (SA)

I have the exact same issue, also stuck on finishing Ratik on a alt character.

Me too, The same problem…

I just tested and it seems to be working now

Hello @Cncabessa, @notsaicana and @OnlyHopee :wave:

A warm welcome to Lost Ark Forums.

I am sorry to hear that the Song of Trixion wasn’t working as intended.

It’s good to know that @notsaicana is not facing the issue anymore and I would like to confirm if the problem has been resolved for @Cncabessa & @OnlyHopee.

Do let me know if it’s not so we can try to fix it as soon as possible!

Waiting for your response. Good day ahead! :beers: