Sorc DPS Trixion Test 2 Meta Builds

level 10 dmg gem 20k lol what server you play ?

ok lets spell it out for you
when you have high mana
you get bonus damage and use up more mana
meaning you will drain more mana as you do damaga

when you reach low mana
you get mana back with cdr and attack speed
the entire reason why piano reflux exists

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oh yeah you still dont understand why adrenaline wouldnt work

hop on the korean site that lets u check the character of every player, filter it 1445 to 1489 let me know how many adrenaline you see with 4x nightmare

why you picking the weakers people possible
thats literally an alt
possibly one they havent raided on for the past year after 6 character slot…

how about you look at 1540+ and come back

thanks for letting me know how dumb you are. 1445 - 1489 because 5x3, they are going adrenaline as their sixth engraving. Are you going for you sixth ? there you go

ether predator exists

adrenaline is better 90% of the time on classes, issue becomes stacks which sorc dosent have isssues with
and price, and dagger is much cheaper…thats why its an alternative but not the dis

if you also look at IOWA, you wont find any preicise dagger sorcs

yet i found a 1620 with arenaline 3

so idk prob z dps

like said stop being a dumbass and comparing relic to ancient lol

I have missed that ‘topup’ ok ty for clearing

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ppl are literally so dumb and they want to be loud
i srsly dont get it how ppl can live like that
like its good to have opinion and all, but please carefully say it, at the very least be nice when saying it

hes not nice on the wordings and even worse its wrong, what the actual fk

Well, He’s not wrong that with grude you do more damage than precise if you land everything with crit on grudge. He just didnt account for the other 25minutes of the remaining raid xd

Which is why in this entire post ive been constantly stating. STOP COMPARING US TO KR. WE ARE NOT AT KR LEVEL STATS :rofl:

yeah true, but then again, thats why i said he shouldve said it carefully
he didnt add any other info and just conclude precise dagger dont do more dmg than grudge
like lol what if he has 5% crit rate only
go use grudge and see what happens

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Literally just run Ingite/Grudge/Hit Master/AOA/Precise Dagger and it dwarfs your numbers. I just did 22 runs of 3 mins each and did an average of 426.108.424 ( even taking into account the horrible runs i had doing the same dmg as your testing.) Run a grudge stone with 1 or 2 accessories and you don’t have to worry about Grudge gold books. You say grudge is better then precise dagger for non crits and vise versa, then just have them both and watch the insane dmg you can do. Its simple math if you look at it that way.

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Why??? It’s literally the exact same set but higher numbers like from 15% to 20%

Your acting like it’s a different set like nightmare to domination

That’s literally why I said it’s inconsistent on sorc

When you do dps tests having Cursedoll is more often then not still more dps than adrenaline or presice dagger

And this all started cause you did dps tests comparing Grudge to dagger when 1 of those engravings is an auto lock
Meanwhile including an engraving that is supposed to fight for the 5th spot

If you want to be cheap
Go dagger

If you want best in slot, go curse

Some parameters is not giving ?
which gear sets u have it will change your crit rate, crit damage or total damage?
504/1486 is not the numbers we need give us “%” we cant know how you got from Cards and Roster
And last. is unlimited source and cooldowns are open or closed ?

I’m curious why you’re not using swiftness as your secondary over Crit when using PD

Ignition windows not criting is a huge difference.
For example my DD alone Crit vs non Crit is miles apart -5mill or 27 mill without buffs.
Also ignition pairs the best with good supports/or glav type Crit synergy being able to max on double DD combo. (38 million on average per DD 1475)

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