Sorc DPS Trixion Test 2 Meta Builds

This difference is literally just 1 doomsday not critting.

testing a class dps in trixion especially sorceress already makes me not wanna bother with this post lol, it is extremely inaccurate

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and then there is me 1460 sorc 4x3 ign, hm, AoA, PD, all dmg tripods (missing 2 on rime arrow t1 and t2 ) level 7 gems on DD, expl, PS rest is lvl 6 gems.
im running 2/2/2 gear nigmtare, argos, valtan.

At best i do 1.5mil DPS :frowning: in trixion. WTH am i doing wrong lol

oh yeah ? what makes you think so ? read the entire threads discussion bruv :joy:

now do this over an entire 30minutes raid

post your set up here for us to take a look

This is the build i am currently using.

I don’t think you understood. The only reason there is a difference between the two is because in one run you got slightly more lucky than the other one.

What you should do is do 10-15 runs of each and then average it out.

bro… i did 30minutes each and precise came out on top average… lmao

you need to remove that atk speed reduction and get a level 8 doomsday cooldown gem to land 2 doomsday in your ignition

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3 minute trixion test pre 4 set nightmare

Bro in your original post you said 3 minutes

yes, i did 3 minutes each test and did 10 each :)) But still theres no difference, go try it out yourself

i get 2 doomsday in my ignition most of the time.
But from what ive seen attack speed only affects animation not the cast time itself so that wont make a diffrence

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Well said, I think a lot of people go through this, also that second doomsday not landing i the ignition window

with no swiftness and just a level 7 its super duper tight, you land your domsday but it might’ve not been in the ignition window. happened to me as well before i upgraded my gem after switching to crit stat

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Hes trolling u guys, precise dagger can only compare to grudge if ur base crit is less than 20% which is impossible coz igniter gives u 25% during ur burst.

Add the 15% crit base u get from the secondary crit stat on ur neck and ur looking at 40% base crit which is 14% efficiency with 250% crit dmg.

If u add a crit synergy i.e from GS + lost wind cliff card set, Precision dagger’s efficiency drops to a mere 11% efficiency, it’s utter dogshit the higher ur crit is.

TL:DR only viable if u go swift neck + light of salvation card set and have no crit synergy in party and even then it’s still notably worse than grudge.

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I get what you are saying but that wont increase my dps.
I am at 1.5 mil dps in trixion with double doomsday. Even if i test with 5x3 engravings i never get the 2-3mil DPS i see some ppl say they do as igniter sorc.
I have not been able to hit over 1.9mil DPS with 5x3 inside trixion( not my own set ). I have yet to see screenshots of those 2-3mil DPS to make it more legit but i feel like i wont be able to hit that much without full level 8 gems + 4 relic gear pieces.
I already have all my tripods ( level 4 ( +3 ) ) im level 58 so i cant get the max level 5 tripods yet. But i dont think upp the tripods by just 1 level increase the DPS by 1mil+

But looking at your numbers you are doing +/- 1.8mil dps with the 5x3 PD, 4 nightmare set and level 8 gems i assume?

This to me looks more plausibel as the 3mil dps without any proof being shared. So according to your dmg testing im pretty much on the right dps track or we are both way off :laughing:.

No it is u who can’t maths, PD gives u 20% crit rate, thats not 100% crit rate u moron, grudge gives 20% multiplier which happens whether u crit or not, if u crit, it adds the multiplier ontop of ur crit dmg. 20% crit rate also comes with a penalty of -12% crit dmg.

Precise dagger is only more efficient than grudge when u have less than 20% base crit, since igniter gives u 25% crit rate while in arcane state, ul never be under 20% crit so precise dagger cannot be better than grudge for DPS PERIOD. The higher ur crit the more DIMINISHING RETURNS u get from PD, at 65% crit for example it’s efficiency drops it a mere 10%. it’s basically worse than CD most of the time.

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Grudge will aways be better, the thing yall elitists are forgetting is, how better it is at certain builds, grudge gives 20% multiplier, which doesnt mean it will increase 20% of ur overall dps, hell sometimes not even 10%, thats why people use PD over Grudge, cuz they are not elitist trying to do the highest dps possible at the cost of playing dark souls naked, using PD gives igniter allows igniter to have a higher chance to crit the nuke skills, igniter have to build as much crit as possible after maxing spec, right now PD is cool, in future with artifact (or ancient dunno the name) and bracelet, PD value will decrease heavily unless you decide to play easy mode and not tryhard keep Adrenaline stacks, thats not wrong, you play the way you want and feel comfy , for now theres no real reason to run grudge besides min/max dps.

[Edit] btw how OP have 4 nightmare set ? lol

yes sure
keep trusting your theory
and yet the numbers shown above by everyone testing pd and grudge always shows pd has higher dmg output
im not debating the dmg output of grudge that will consistently give 20% more dmg
but hes ignoring the fact that pd is an alternative engraving that will in the end gets you 188% extra damage more consistently

188% extra damage is worse than 20% extra damage? are you sure?
crit rate =/= extra damage, i get that, but that gets you more chance on hitting crit that is exactly the extra damage you could be looking for without having a penalty on your def

damage penalty =/= def penalty

and how can u think 25% crit rate is efficient kid?

i play 2 crit class one having 70% crit rate and the other one have 82% + adrenaline
both class on raids could still be a pepega and not hit crit a lot of times

your math wont matter, in the end on a certain build a MORE CONSISTENT 188% extra dmg will always be better than 20% extra dmg especially without the def penalty that gives u better survivability that generally will help you with your dps on raids, not just on theory