Sorc is my new main

I played Deathblade, Gunslinger, Soulfist, Shadowhunter, Paladin, Striker, and Sorceresses. This is absolutely broken. Any ability chunks and CCs. I guarantee Grandmaster and Master will be covered in Sorc in NA and EU.

I don’t even like the class but it’s insane.

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sorc is carried by good teammates that can peel…sorc eats shit is no one peels for it, and good sorcs can peel for themselves

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Yeah be careful before some waifu crazed schmuck comes in here and let’s you know she can easily be countered and you have no idea what your talking about


You mean like any other class? If you need your teammates to peel or are one of those players who blame your team for not peeling… You’re the issue. This isn’t WoW. Lost ARK PvP 101, use your get up to get away and run until it’s back up. That’s how it’s played at a higher level.

You can even look at KR ladder for the past two months. Sorc has been skyrocketing since it’s release. I’m going to main it until it’s needed. The oppressiveness of Sorc vs any melee in this game can be compared to Frost Mage vs Rogue/Warrior in WoW. Sorc Blink is one of the only mobility abilities in the game that ignores debuffs, aka hard CC.

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I agree it’s pretty insane but 1 sorc is pretty counterable. 2 sorcs is braindead op though

Any specific class can be countered but you don’t get to counter pick in ranked. The best comps against it are double support, which if NA/EU ques are like KR/RU then unless there’s no one queing then you won’t face double support or double classes.

Sorc/Support/xmelee is hands down the best thing you can do to climb besides only playing Paladin. Multiple shield walls is next level busted. If I didn’t hate support I’d play Paladin. So I’m going with the most busted DPS which is Sorc. Gunslinger doesn’t do well against Sorc AoE and melee in general need too much support from their team otherwise I’d play Deathblade but it’s probably the most team dependent melee besides Berserker.

Can’t a deathblade just dark axel over all the aoe non sense though?:rofl:

depends which skill…its only push immune in the air, when i land i will get cc’d or pushed

Remember when he called a RU grandmaster braindead? better watch out lol.

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remember when deathbladeisfornoobs got laid


Haha this kid has no comebacks and none of his opinions are valid anymore because he called a grandmaster braindead. I fucking love it lol.

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I want to see stunbot and deathbladeisfornoobs duke it out in a once in a lifetime event, winner takes all.

I’d pay for that.

Also because we’re on the topic of classes…

SG said sorcers are overperforming. Soon or later they will be nerfed. About 2 sorcers team. Yesterday i had a match 2 sorcers (i was one) and one artilerist vs 2 shadowhunter and 1 striker. They smashed us. I could barely make any skill from cc and super armors. But their actions were pretty coordinated


wouldn’t even be a challenge i’d feel bad 100-0ing him

if we played on deathblade id have to warm up my hands a little considering the class plays itself.

any other class though and stunbot might have some trouble ( classes that require actually playing the class arent really his thing)

i’d outplay you every time on db cause you’re unfamiliar with game mechanics. you aren’t even worth responding to at this point

here’s some pro tips The start is hard, but once the mechanics in PvP click... The CC's of Lost Ark PvP explained

I’m just saying unless Sorc is nerfed, it’s hands down the best DPS in the game.

sorc isn’t actually that good they neither broken nor bad they some what in the middle of the pack.

They will feel stronger in unraked games with screwed matchmaking and none knowing how to play cuz you get to just afk max range spam spells entire fight but sorc is still not the best low elo stomper.

The best low elo stomper for na/eu is artillerist if you want an easy time to get plat/diamond that’s def what you wanna play all tho they get less useful in higher rated they still good

Laufie, a GM in RU

Stunbott calling Laufie “Braindead”

ill just leave this here.


meanwhile no one continues to give a shit


this is what low T looks like

deathbladeisfornoobs needs an online persona to tell him he is a funny person or something