Sorc is my new main

“I don’t even like the class”
“Sorc is my new main”

Oh, you’re one of those people huh.


Ez sorc food for me np

If you can’t beat’em. Join’em!

let me tell u ur future: once u meet decent players who somewhat know what they are doing, u will be focused in 3v3 and instantly gangbanged to death since sorc has almost no super armors. once they finish tossing u around like a ragdoll u will look for a new main. so i suggest to start looking now.

but hey, it will definitely be fun to stomp noobs in unranked before that :upside_down_face:

Well they did say to climb lol. Sorc artillerist and pld will probs be the best to climb rank with as they noob stomp.

What is peel? New to pvp terms here.

ability to keep enemies off of a teammate. So you like peel the zerker off the sorc by ccing his combos or putting too much damage pressure on him so he has to give up on the sorc.

I see, thanks for the explanation!

im sick and tired of these 13 year old fire-and-forget sorc mechanics