Sorc Pvp Build Gearset

Hi, i need a PvP build for my Sorc for the upcoming Roven openfield PvP. Skill, Engr… Gearset

For sorc, I would run something like:

Reflux 3
Heavy Armor 3
Spirit Absorption 3
Raid Captain 3
Fortitude 3

You can replace Fortitude with something else like Hit Master for more damage, or drop the Raid Captain for something else if you want (synergizes well with a full swiftness build though).

For stats I run 1700+ Swiftness with 600+ Crit (good damage and max speed).

For the set bonus, I run Nightmare 2 + Hallucination 4 (so I don’t rely on awakening) but I think Betrayal set is still optimal. However, with the mobility, you can just run/blink away if someone is chasing you with the Betrayal set.