Sorceres still no sound

I try to select the english voice in steam and in game but my sorceres have still no ability sounds. Any suggestions.
When will it be fixed ? Otherwise I have to pick an other class

You’ll never get an estimate about when something will be fixed. I believe it’s on the known issues list and that “they’re aware and working on it.” When they announce the patch, that’s the only time you’ll know. Sorry for the bad news, but it’s the way it is.

Don’t delete your character if you opened your founders pack, just start on another character slot.

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@HRose poster a working work around. Thanks to him.

Here it is.

They have added the Korean voice files, but forget to add all other effects. That’s why the Korean folder is much smaller.

To fix:
navigate to “Lost Ark\EFGame\ReleasePC\WwiseAudio” here you have folders with languages.
Enter the English folder, select and copy ALL the files here.
Move to the Korean folder, paste here the English files you’ve just selected, making sure to SKIP the files with the same names already present (Windows will ask you if you want to overwrite them too, you select to skip them).

Done, boot the game and audio will work. You’ll notice because even the splash videos when the game starts have missing audio with Korean audio selected.