Sorceres vs wardancer legs

sorceres vs wardancer legs…

its just me or they do actually look difrent?

sorceres is like standart model legs

while wardancer is like thick athletic legs

if t hey are indeed diff, then good details…

Martial artists its bigfoot model

Yes the fighters are thicker, just like the warriors are more buffed than the gunners.

Yes, different class has different body type in this game. For example, martial artist and assassin have thicker thighs, gunslinger has the biggest boobs and ass

At present, classes are not only “gender” locked but in-game “race” locked.

Martial Artists and Warriors are Human.
Mages are Sylvain.
Gunners are Cykin.
Assassins are Delain (human hybrid with demon).

all 4 of the females have different body types and shape