Sorceress is as new to NA/EU release date as the Artist to the next class release date

Most likely over 300k. Bots aren’t 80% like you dream about.

more than 80% for sure, just stay at the end of the week in north bern and do maths.

Why so shy with 80? 100% are bots, noone play’s this garbage version
Btw, ru has so much players that forums just shut down, and official discord channel has 7k players online, 40k in total.
Unofficial English speaking discord has 120k online, 260k in total.

RU Server 22 June

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At this moment, in comparison to other regions,

  • We have less classes.
  • We have less skins.
  • We have less content.
  • We are missing honing buffs.
  • We have more censorship.
  • We have more bots and RMTs who are not getting punished at all.

NA is by far the worst region. The only thing better we have is a better pet system. That’s all.

I’m gonna go play JP at June 22. Anyone who’s waiting for artist should just go JP or RU too.


i would have rerolled to jp to play summoner if i hadn’t finished every una and gotten 80%+ on every collectable including igneas on NA. so i’m just sitting around waiting not actually playing.
all my fault for thinking they’d release a base class somewhat soon i guess.

Come to Amazon’s LostArk, We have half game with Censorship that no other version had!
I want the to make an ad like this :stuck_out_tongue:

to be fair the game here is “Less” P2W, but that’s not a good enough reason to milk the existing content/classes.

I was checking the replies and happen to read yours again xD
I am curious to know if you think your statement still hold up at this date or not

This armor will be censored/changed when the Artist drop for NA/EU :stuck_out_tongue: