Sorceress movement in raids... slow, any tips?

Did my first raid, was using dodge and blink, but I still find it very hard to get out of the way of the boss. Any tips?

It’s kinda hard man, these are the only things you can use to dodge, and good position, but that comes only when you get a handle of the boss mechanics, so I understand that the first try are always a hassle to dodge

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what raid? u mean guardian?

I recommend going Instant-cast Reflux Sorceress until T3 as you will not have enough specialization stat to make Igniter work.
Another option is to not go Igniter or Reflux, and do what is known as the “national” Sorceress build - this is just a build where you use All-out Attack engraving and use Magic Amp whenever it’s up for your 3 casting skills.

If you are trying to go Igniter build at low level, you will run into this issue where you need to stand still for 2 seconds to cast a spell. I highly recommend my first option though.


The main thing on sorc is not getting locked in a casting animation when you need to move. So i try to do meteors and what not after the boss has just dashed/charged etc


My main problem is that I am too used to traditional MMOs and I keep hitting w to try and run out of the bad areas.

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Neither igniter nor reflux are meant to be fully functional without Nightmare relict sets. and multiple engravings.

Solution is to simply play non-class engraving build with swiftness-crit build. It provides you with mobility you need and you would be surprised to know that you end up out-dpsing igniter and reflux builds in most cases.

This is because at the current state, you have access to 3-3 or 3-3-1 engraving at best, and due to lack of necessary stats to make igniter shine (along with crit bonuses on gear sets, etc.) you are better off using 2 general engravings for increased damage.

I’d be happy to share what I’ve been using and give you tips and guidance. Just DM me.


So does pretty much every other class, except Sorc receives no penalty for stopping cast, while all other classes either force you to commit or force you to waste spacebar to stop animation and put the skill on cd.

Just use observation mode and learn the bosses telegraphs. Sorc really is one of the easier classes for guardians as a lot of the abilities are close in melee orientated.

“Sorc recieves no penalty for stopping cast”

Um… there’s only 1 or 2 casts we can stop, and they are cancerously long to cast, and one of them, at a certain point in the animation, you get locked, and can no longer stop it.

Sorc has the least amount of mobility of all the classes, and animation locks are a real killer. The only thing a sorc can do, is learn the fight mechanics, positioning, and save your dash for the times you have to move longer distances. Most sorc deaths are due to being stuck in an animation, or not have a dash / dodge cooldown (unless you’re standing in bad at all times) It’s also annoying in raids such as argos, where the boss is constantly moving, and you have to make split-second reactions to matched AoE actions. one miss-timed skill, or one missing dodge / dash will almost certainly mean a death.

All channeling for Sorc can be cancelled punishment free.
All other classes gets their skill put on cd if cancelled, many locking you in animation unless spacebar is used.
In terms of animation lock wise, Sorc does not have long locks compared to many other classes

Sorc is NOT the least mobile class in the game. Even if you went igniter, it still does not make you the least mobile, though pretty close.

You have Elegian. You choose not to use it. Other classes who are as squishy do not have that choice.

Other classes have to leaarn to position and react and have additional conditions they need to meet to perform while all Sorc needs to do is position at a distance ignoring all melee to midrange patterns. Oh and some have way worse animation locks.

Stop trying to make excuses by trying to take common mech everyone need to deal with and make it some exclusive problem that Sorc faces.

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Cancel your casts when you need to move, don’t commit to your cast, raids are not DPS gated for the most part, mostly depends on your survival.

Played ignite sorc since launch. Had trouble aswell in the beggining but the best thing you can do is try to learn each attack and how much time it takes for the bosses next move as it differs per attack. Always be proactive and pay attention to every boss animation aswell so you are already dodging the ability before it starts fully. As sorcs we are slow without blink but that takes identity and it uses your identity which means bye bye dps. Reacting will get your hurt alot when your dashes are down aswell and that will end in death. Also your three main dps abilities skill animation after cast can be canceled by other abilities.

I am a 1410 sorc and most of my alts are sorcs lol.

Tldr:Be proactive not reactive. A live sorc is always at least 1 dps more than a dead one :laughing:.