Sorceress Sounds bugged again after patch on 10.03

Welp, title says it. After the patch from 10.03.2022 my Sorceress sounds were bugged again like they were at the beginning from Lost Ark. pls fix it :slight_smile:

Same here, looks like Sorceress skills sound isn’t working any more since the latest update.

Thanks, this will be fixed in with a lil client patch soon (no downtime)


there are also Char voices missing on some Abilities like Artillerist dont Scream anymore when firing Ultimate or Deathblade dont say anything when she charges their sword skills Gunslinger also some Voices missing are they fixed too? ^^

Edit: the Voices on skills are mIssed on German Language Audio if changed Audio to English all the skills have Voices again.

Same problem on my berserker, and my soulmaster. I play in French audio settings.
I talked with a few berserker players, and they dont have this bug.
When i change the audio settings in english, it works well.
I think it’s not about the class you play, but the voice you selected when you create your toon. I hope it’ll be fixed soon :slight_smile:

Hi @Roxx
The Cereberus mount has no sounds if you enable the Korean Voice option even after installing the 1.1 GB client patch!

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