Sorceress with swiftness and expertise - viable?

I finally managed to get to 1370 and started looking into making a proper build that wouldn’t consist of some random accessories from chaos dungeons that I’ve been using so far.

I’ve looked at various Reflux builds including the one on and almost all of them spec into Crit and Swiftness, however the accessories with these stats and the engravings that I’m looking for (All-Out Attack, Hit Master and Reflux) are as expected super expensive (pretty much starting at 4k gold). I started wandering if there are some sleeper builds that people ignore just because they’re not plastered all over the internet and after playing around in training grounds came up with the idea of actually speccing into Swiftness and Expertise instead.

Before you say it’s a ridiculous idea let me show you something.

With 0 Swiftness and no engravings the cast time of Punishing Strike is 2.0s and it comes back up in 23s. If you put 1300 points into Swiftness you end up with your attack speed increased by 22% and cooldowns reduced by 28%:


…which results in the cast time going down to 1.6s and cooldowns to 17s! If we also add level 3 All-Out Attack (which I’m hoping to get) cast time goes down to 1.4s (cooldown remains the same), which honestly feels great after having to wait for what feels like an eternity.

Obviously with this approach if I don’t spec anything into Crit then I’m never really getting critical hits, which means I’d have to swap my critical damage tripods with some flat damage increases. If I do put remaining points into Crit though then it gives me a 16% critical chance, which is not great but still is better than nothing I guess:


At 16% though I think it’s pretty useless and almost feels like a waste. Speccing the same 450 points into Expertise instead gives you a 13% stagger bonus damage, which is useful in quite a few raids. Additionally your debuffs last longer and debuffs cast on you last less:

Not a bad gain for not that many points if you ask me.

If I was to go down the Crit/Swiftness route and hope that decent accessories eventually drop for me in Argos or Oreha hard, this is what I could achieve:



46% is obviously far better than 16% but it feels like I lose too much of speed if I completely ignore Swiftness. I’ll admit it’s still a good bonus but taking the price of Crit/Swiftness accessories into consideration I’m really tempted to just go with full Swiftness and cast more often and crit less instead of cast slower AND less often and hope that they crit more often.

What are you thoughts on this? Specifically those that have made good sorceress builds - did you just go with the “meta” and do what everyone does or have you done something unusual with your build? Any input is appreciated!

They are super expensive because theyre the only stats that add significant DPS as reflux.

Crit or swiftness main then sub the other is going to be your best bet.

Expertise really has no use for your build since sorc has 100% uptime of their debuffs regardless.