Sorcess's skills hitbox

Lets talk about her hitboxs
Punishnig Strike - deals damage even if you dodge lightning (Like when you jump to her when she is casting spell and lightning is at end of path but it still do damge to you)
Ice Shower - there is a little space directly under her that suposubly be safe (there isnt any ice on ground) but guess what it will froze you anyway
Seraphic Hail - not sure but hitbox is kinda suspicious

Any thoughts?

Regarding Punishing Strike, there is a tripod that increases the width of the AoE. I haven’t tested but perhaps the animation is the exact same but the hitbox width is increased and the art designers for the spell just coded the animation for the default hitbox.

As for the other two, some issues are due to latency as where you see your character is NOT where the server sees you. Character movement and skill activation are shown client side with no delay while sending the information to the server. The server then relays the information regarding the outcome of the action back.

However, with latency, at times you might get pulled back to an earlier spot if the server saw that you were stunned or something before your computer knew about it. The game let you move client side but once the server said “no, you were stunned, so go back to where you were”, your character is pulled back to the spot where you got stunned. The same thing can happen regarding damage: if you were hit according to the server, then the damage will be applied even if it clearly missed on your screen.


Position desync issues with client side movement and server side action outcomes.

Getting frozen from behind her when she uses her ice cone…

Even get frozen on the sides of it even when outside the visual for it

It actually blows my mind how with Gunslinger or Deadeye I have to land every single shot with absolute precision where Sorc is just AOE spam that doesn’t even need to be in range of the visuals to hit.

I agree 100%

How many times have you dodged a lightning vortex only to get rubber banded into it. How many times have you been frozen by an indicator that doesn’t match its aoe visually?
How about the float bug abuse? Get hit by one ability of sorc at 30 yards off screen? Guess your taking 50% of your hp

I’m more concerned about their ability to get skills off while hitlocked and bouncing around. Happens every single time and I’ve no idea why and how.

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Sorc hitboxes are twice as big as what they show. If you want an accurate view of the actual hitboxes, look at a sorc doing a chaos dungeon and look how far the abilities reach the mobs.

Most area abilities have effects that extend beyond their animations due to latency. Even if it minor latency it is still latency. Imagine that you are always at minimum one step ahead of your character’s actual position.

Sounds like you walked into a reverse gravity or she used get-up and quickly dropped a spell in between your hits.
This ability has a secondary effect after the lift that can vary depending on the tripod.
Don’t run into it until the animation is gone.

Sorc cannot use abilities while CCed.
Sorc cannot use abilities when being hit it most cases unless she had already started the animation.
Common PvP kit for sorc does not include any SA outside of awakening.
she will be CCed by anything you throw at her.

Your first two points literally apply to every class. every class can get hit in the animation time of abilities and every class gets countered by CC. SA dont need SA because with a little gauge they blink 3 times across the map. They have the easiest 30 yard combo with frost into lighting vortex + punishing that exists.

Well it isnt only sorc problem.

DB tornado hits behind her for some unknown reason.

The character that had most problem with it is the BERSERK i’m behind his ability and get the hit anyway like … i experience that with at least 3 of his ability, don’t play Berserk so i don’t know their name but is just super frustrating u see some berserk pressing W and that’s it u are GG, u can’t avoid, can’t outrun, can’t do jackshit.