Sorcress casting speed decreased?

Did anyone else notice the time increase during casting sorcress skills? + 0,1-0,2 seconds on each skill but it’s noticeable.
Or is it just me??

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Idk, probably some sneaky nerf that they added in without telling people.

Im fine with any nerf to sorc. Most bot used classs replaced summoner for no reason

I had a lot of fun farming dungeons with her :frowning: now it’s kinda harder not to die :d

HOW do you even notice 0 .1 seconds?

Oh my god I thought I was going crazy. I noticed something changed too.

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I don’t see any changes

Yea that seems real logical. Don’t forget socs in your party help you clear content faster, there’s literally no rational reason for you to be upset about it.

Maybe because my sorc is only tier 1 farm mike. I didn’t notice anything during the chaos dungeon yesterday.