Sorry but why is this game so dead despite it having 800k players online?

I just dont get it, apparently my server is “Busy” atm and yet always when I check the Party Finder tool there are close to no groups? Like the only section that has 2-3 groups is Abyssal Dungeons, and sometimes even there its empty.

Absolutely zero groups for Guardian Raids or Chaos Dungeons or Cubes. Why tf is this so dead at launch already? If we have trouble finding groups now, I dont want to imagine what its like in 3-4 months.

Tl;dr: Game is dying due to the fact that you cant even find groups in Party Finder tool even though its CROSS server!

region ?

Guardian Raids or Chaos Dungeons don’t really need an organised group. It’s a 5 minute event that you join, kill mobs and leave.

Another factor that could be related is that it’s actually pretty hard to find the UI for groups. I only accidentally stumbled upon it the other day so people simply might not even know that you can create lobbies.

Guardian raids don’t really need a group is mostly used for carries but in the 8 man content you’ll see pf used more.

well, if you are from EU Central, then the reason is that its impossible to get into groups and do something from late afternoon and onwards.

earlier on the day the game is really alive and plenty of things to do and people around as well.

it is not dead lol.
Most of the people just use matchmaking feature instead of forming own groups.
Abyss dungeons (and maybe ticket activities) are probably the only thing that have consistently groups forming in party finder.