Sorry Scrappers

Sorry but scrappers are hot garbage in proving grounds. Anyone want to prove me wrong?

I could but that would mean I’d have to tell u not the char is the problem so no play something easier maybe

I mean, got any proof? Would love to see em. I’m t1 (I know it doesn’t mean much right now) with about 70 plus matches as a scrapper. I think I know how to play scrapper. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing scrapper but it’s most def in the lower tier and is a challenge getting in up close and personal. Maybe one on one is doable but team deathmatch expect to have a really hard time.

Scrapper can stick to a target better than most classes, maybe even the best at it. The weakness comes with few superarmors and teammates protecting the scrapper’s target/locking her down before she can secure it… or the scrapper biting off more than they can chew. I don’t think they’re worse off than most other classes, which is what it would seem is the implication here.

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I’ve seen some cracked scrappers 1v3ing so idk

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