Soulfist -2.8% dmg

-2.8% why?
when will soulfist be strong that this was a need?
i was expecting a boost


1445+ soulfist was too strong and not much difficulty to use

my main is 1460 and idk what is dmg:))

cause u probably build her like in KR with valtan set, which is complete garbage with 35-40% crit. Build her with dagger for 60% crit rate, u will do damage. Then u switch KR build the day we have ancient set

Only KR ancient set + bracelet + max lvl gems and weapon quality does damage.

You got nerfed because of gear you don’t have yet, literally turning this class into trash until brelshaza hard.


Benji himself said what I said above in the patch note podcast with Stoops Zeals and so on. It’s a known fact to everyone who has a clue. In NA/EU with current gear it is mathematically impossible to outdps the top tier Sorc/Shock Scrapper/ etc damage dealers.

If you get MVP with those chars in the party it doesn’t mean you are good, it means they suck.

Also, for the following posts that will come below:
“SF does damage if you master the rotation, it’s hard, bla bla i get mvp every match bla bla git gud bla bla”

Spare yourself the embarassment and just don’t post.


Or Overgeared af. Then you got the MVP too. Like Deskaluda where ppl running with 1x3 or 2x3.

uh, its a minor tone down since it was hard not to get MVP as soulfist I guess

Sounds like you have some work to do on your main :slight_smile: but glad you’re a fellow soulfist!

no clue if linking is allowed here but heres a pretty nice soulfist guide to get you on the right path (both specs included, the robust one is not up to date with bis 1600+ spec thou)

-2,8% damage and you call it trash. People here are funny


just to throw some oil on the fire, PD+adr with salvation IS viable for robust spirit budget 5x3 build. dont listen to the haters :smiley:

i started with soulfist from lvl 0 dudes i had no idea that game sucks so much until i got alts and saw how easy was with others.
i just don’t get it why to nerf all F skills because of some futuristic KR build
why do we have around 17 skills if more likely 10 skills are f garbages

soulfist can have so much cooler playstyle

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Soulfist is really strong in our version of the game

this documetation is not done is just the start

at 1650 on spec u will have 14.6 downtime on a boosted hype that lasts 20 sec:)
20 sec doesn’t get boosted
as the boosted dmg reaches 120% for 20 sec, with the 14.6 downtime, u will get probably more dmg if u use a dmg multiplier engraving, robust spirit is additive to hype, not a multiplier

im 1460 still outperforming my alts

Don’t forget for EO Soulfist that we also got a huge nerf because they removed the pet trick awakening animation skip.

Our dominion relic buff reset now takes a few seconds, which can be really bad during a fight as you are mostly dependent on your conviction / judgement proc (on hype 2).

Definitely a huge nerf as well. This was shadow patched at Scouter class release.


Soulfist is OP AF atm, so they nerf her.
And it’s just 2,8 because the class itself is in minority and SG doesn’t want to decrease SF population even more.

Don’t listen to that Spulberizer BS. One of our guildmate is playing SF and he has CRUEL most of the time. When boosting guild alts through oreha hard he burns seto down in phase 1 and albion before he pops star mechanic.

If you’re not satisfied with yours it’s probably some build or gameplay flaw.

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you should compare characters at the same level at the right difficulty

Pretty much the whole guild is equally geared.

are you serious? that’s what i am seeing “a build” that’s the problem why is decreasing dmg for all skills and not on some skills, so we can freaking have more to choose from different playstile

sry, i understand the word wrong
my sf 1460 deals less DPS than lower lvl alts, and was like that on each Tear

you’re doing something not optimal then, maybe you need more practise.