Soulfist -2.8% dmg

The nerf is indeed cause of gear we dont have yet.
But this will not turn her into complete trash…

Yes if u played the class a lot and know when to pop and cancel hype its possible to get consisntent cruel/MVP and it should be like that.
Issnt that the point of playing a DD well?
That dont make her OP and needs no nerf.
Why sorc doesn’t get a nerf as well then?
depending on raid/boss i have a realy hard time even to get close dmgwise to my equally geared ignitersorc buddy. it mostly comes down to a fully buffed crit on first/second spiritbomb. assumed both of us having close to flawless rotations during the fight. (speaking of RO SF, were both 1500+ 5x3 and 9ergems on maindps skills)

But its odd they wanted to make the class more versatile eg. ended up with a flat +7% excluding awakening. Now -2.8% including awakening. straight up a nerf for robust, not that much but it is one. They shoud have gone more into the skills and possible rotations. It would help a lot giving SF critsyn or extend energyreleaseduration by 1 sec. would take such things over a flat dmg increase/decrease anytime :slight_smile:

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wut. I wouldn’t call her easy to play. This class can be very punishing. Literally any skill except of energy blast has no protection. And the “hard” hitting stuff is close combat.
Things you have to keep in mind as a RS Soulfist:

  1. You need to anticipate the boss movement or you will waste 30+ second damage
  2. Don’t get hit while performing either shadowbreak, energy release or Merciless Pummel. Otherwise your damage is close to zero

I mean I do enjoy the class but I really don’t get the nerf. Then I switch to my striker and i am getting a 130% mult buff for 4 orbs that i can fill up with 1 1/2 skills :D. Blasting 100+ millions (if crits) every 20 seconds.

The only way to get a chance of mvp is when all my spirit bombs crit during raid or with the new mvp screen if i outperform with counters.


Why you guys even talk about soulfist in general?
Energy Overflow and Robust Spirit is a completely different gameplay.

First is fast skill spammer, second one relies on Awakening that has fked up casting time.

I understand why EO got nerfed, but why Robust has to suffer in the process? We have to wait with awakening till boss gets staggered. And then still timing is tight. Especially if we concider that Hype has to be still on when that bomb finally hits the target.

At least take away 2 sec out of that awakening or switch it to holding attack so we can decide if we want to cast it earlier with not fully charged dmg.

Ppl saying “Soul fist is strong in our version” could say “Perfect Suppression is strong in our version” i bet.

Right now in KOREA, soul fist is one of the best class.
On our version, it’s barely middle tier.

As someone said above, it’s trash until Bracelet first, and then Brel hard.


tru undeserved AF

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It’s not 1445 it’s when they get bracelets that they become cracked. Once soul fist goes over 1800spec with lvl3 ancient they become a god.

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It is fine, calling it trash is just stupid.

I think the complain comes from other “OP” dmg dealers isnt touch.
Then again KR is famous for nerfing SF even thought “nobody” plays it.

Anyway KR players was like ??? you want to nerf EO sf why did you also nerf RS also?


I still like to have Soulfists in my groups , who cares about mediocre dmg instead top tier , her Group synergy and kit is the reason you take the soulfist isnt it ?

RS is fine wdym?

I main SF RS and have EO alt and even after patch I compete in the top with sorc for mvp

So if you are suffering from low dmg or perception of low or mediocre dmg from soulfist then you have room to improve

1550 eo soulfist
at current stage, soulfist can be strong however heavy investment is required.
must have 1600+ swiftness and lv10 cd gem on energy release.
also same as gunslinger, you have to invest on 4-6 individual damage skills including gems and tripods.
necklace and rings were affordable back to months ago, but now they are expensive, and the problem is you couldn’t find +5 eo with +3 grudge/ ad/ IM/ RC, combined swiftness.
the difficulty to play eo soulfist is average, depend on when you turn on lv3 hype.
btw, her mobility is No.1 in the game

1520 RS SF here and I have played this game with this class on RU server as well. What I can say is that I was baffled when they announced the nerf, which I understand that it was intended for EO SF, but I do not understand why they fiddled with RS in the process as well.

Not to mention that both SF builds become optimal after bracelet first and ancient equipment later. As people said here, they essentially nerfed a mid-tier dmg class (as it is now in our current setting) because it is cracked in Korean late-game content.

A 1490 sorc can easily out-DPS my 1520 RS SF. Not to mention Infighter. Despite having proper set, engraving, gems, tripods, etc. There are far more cracked classes in this game yet those barely get any nerfs. When is Sorceress gonna get nerfs? Shock Infighter despite getting one barely made a dent. Still cracked.

SF is one of the most hard to master classes in this game. Because of this it is one of the least played classes as well. SG wants to make sure it sees 0 play it seems.

As an EO Main I don’t rly care about the 2.8%. Still pumping. But the removed pet cancel hurts a lot xD…. But I also didn’t expect a nerf. Yes you can pump out shittons of dmg when u manage ur hype perfectly and u get a qr in hype 3 to go for 3rd EB(which also requires 1680 swift +lvl9 cd gem). But compared to a igniter or barrage arti it’s still less dmg and WAY harder to pull off. Perfectly utilized H3 rotations in a real raid are pretty damn rare. With bracelet, 3EB becomes way smoother and boosts the dmg a lot tho…… EO Slaps a lot when played good and the rais allows it. If not, the floor dmg of EO is lower than any class

So, sry but all comments i see are pretty much nonsense,
Like what you guys are really talking about?
Can anyone present itself like im lvl 1xxx, class engraving, a number of engravings at least and a DPS in trixion, just as an idea…? mention cards if they are with dmg bonus … stuff like this
I think im missing something, but maybe i don’t, so if you all are so big dmg dealers, how can i know what any of you actually mean?
Picture of MVP means nothing you can be 1500+ and others 1304 nice MVP … lol

They’re not, it’s confirmed by the best eo soulfist players in the world that without bracelet/ancient the class is mediocre at best and can’t compete with the top tiers.

They are just full of crap trying to sound pro at the game but failing miserably.

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yes, the nerf was put in place to balance soulfists based on ancient + bracelet gear.

but to say soulfist is weak currently is just wrong, it’s hard to push damage and depends on content whether you can compete sure, if you try to burst with EO (e.g. straight to hype 3 for vykas G3 for example) you’re still relying on lucky patterns so you can actually DPS thru the hype window before the next mech

I main RS thou and am having alot of fun, not trying to sound elitist but just counterweight the calls that soulfist somehow is weak since my 1500 RS soulfist can compete with all the 1490-1510 chars in my static, the igniter sorc or me usually end up on top in our weekly raids.

People seem to judge Soulfist based on personal experience when it instead comes down to not being worse than other classes, soulfist actually being able to out-perform alot of classes. (I’m talking after the May buff to the class)

Not defending the 2.8% dmg nerf we got on Soulfist, and sure it is 100% based on ancient gear and bracelets, but the argument is against the “my soulfist is so much worse than all other characters” claim which is nothing else than false.

I play energy overflow, was one of my main alts. I parked her now at 1465. I think she is one of the classes that is strictly tuned for endgame gear. It just doesn’t feel smooth without the swiftness from the bracelets for example. I love the playstyle but and I will try later but for now I’d rather play a different class.

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I have a 1500 EO and as it is now still feels clunky. Downtime of dominion set is the main problem.

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Its don’t make sense. Meanwhile deathblades deal the damage of a soulfist ult in 3 surge hits,
in about a minute.

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remove KBW and take lv2 awaking, you will find out the difference:)