:( Soulfist is ridiculously UNDERPOWERED in PvP mode!

SOULFIST has so many structural problems with synergy. She depends way too much on engraving runes. In PVP mode, she is basically F-tier rank without engraving runes.

Hype mode level 1 is completely UNUSABLE in both PvP and PvE.
Hype Level 2 helps to bring the performance gaps but it last only 1 minute while many martial art fighters like Striker and Scrapper can spam and deal consistent damages with lower penalties.
Hype Level 3 is a nice buff but it is way too short and has high penalty cooldown. After every match, her Hype mode doesn’t reset. You are forced to play safe and delay until it reset which takes away all the fun of Soulfist.

You are forced to play a skill shot to initiate the fight. If you can land your skill shot, GOOD if not you become a sitting duck waiting to be slaughtered.

I used to see Soulfist players in PvP but now from Ultra 8 tier and UP SOULFIST players are basically GONE. In 50 matches, I saw only 1 Soulfist player. If you look at the top ranks, no body play Soulfist anymore.

The best way to fix her in PvP is to reset her Hype Mode cooldown after each match so she can have a fair fight against other overpowered characters.

Overall, Soulfist is not fun to play in PvP mode. She has high learning curve and much higher risk compared to other characters. I would not recommend new players to choose Soulfist especially in PvP. Soulfist is ridiculously UNDERPOWERED

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a good soulfist is the best class on pvp … in 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3. Go to practice! u can be better <3

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What rank are you in? I basically don’t see any Soulfist players anymore from Ultra 8 Tier for the past week except 1 time last night.

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no, not really, there are no soulfist mains in ranks and when you see one high ranked soulfist you can check they dropped it in favor of better pvp classes:

Rank 23 in my server (highest ranked person wich have ever used a soulfist):

This is the BEST ranked soulfist on my server Rank 75

The only other class that comes close to be this underepresented and having this bad results (from top players) is deadeye

By the way those 2 are the only 2 top 100 ppl that have ever used soulfist in rankeds on my server shard wich is insane.

Yeah because Soulfist is not a good character in PvP. There are many other characters which are more easy to play and kit. That’s why people stop playing her.

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you can land all your soulfist ability and super armor and immunity abilities that are build into DB and other class just goes right through lol. Soulfist is way too slow, weak, low defense, low dmg, long cds, and heavily relies on stats, engravings to even bypass the animation and energy lock outs nto to mention all their abilitiy are no stagger or low it doesn’t even knock up or counter ppl’s basic ability that overrides it even when you hit the perfect counter it doesn’t even flinch ppl. Even if they made soulfish hype 3 permanent they’ll just get counter by any super armor class db, scrapper, etc. This is not even considering support class along with them which make soulfish abilities obsolete while every class can brain dead spam their abilities and don’t even worry abt getting hit or counter by soulfist.

Do not believe anyone that says Soulfist is weak in PVP, yall are the same who call it trash in PVE.

Soulfist requires a lot of brain juice to understand and execute properly. Don’t blame the class because you haven’t sit there and actually read about it in depth. Thats the real Soulfist spirit.

Agreed, Soulfist is fine.

I admit she feels really bad to play when you’re waiting on Meditation, but that’s the tradeoff you make for her burst. Utilizing Hype 3 to it’s potential is the most complex part of her play, and requires a lot more practice than other classes because her strengths aren’t as obvious.

Her combo potential and follow-up damage is absolutely insane, and it’s extremely punishing if you waste a single ability by whiffing or having poor timing. It’s a high risk/reward playstyle and it’s exactly the way the class should be.

There have been top 30 GM Soulfist players in every region. Just because other classes are easier to play with more obvious strengths doesn’t mean SF is weak. If you put half as much energy into improving as you have put into complaining you could be steadily climbing ranks.

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if you execute soulfist combo on a non shielded character in pvp, it deletes him.
its hard to do for various reasons, but its not weak at all, its a complete different style of playing rather than go in and smash ur button mindlessly.


Soulfist isn’t underpowered in PVP, it has a huge skill cap making it one of the hardest classes to play in pvp


Data disagrees with you, there are almost no top tier soulfist on most servers, in my particular server the best rated “soulfist” only played 30 games with it and has a 20% win rate with it, he plays 3 other classes all with 60%+ win rate, the only main soulfist is in place 74 in my servers and there is just that one on all the server group…

i encourage you to look how the soulfist on your server group performs…

this all does not mean that the class is not hard to play b/c it is, but when top players are unable to perform with the class you know there is something wrong.

lol. try sharpshooter, then talk about a underpowered class.
the only class I would say that need a buff is sharpshooter, the class needs a lot of CD reduction and speed improvement as well as SA, which we dont have any that matters.
the class need some SA and tenacity into some dps skills, and a huge improvement in speed on skills execution, before we can hit someone even the wind interrupt us.
ALL of our skills have no SA or Tenacity, actually the only skill that has tenacity which matter is Snipe, but we will lose a LOT of the damage which we dont have much and if snipe does not crit then the damage is lame.
sharpshooter sucks big time on 3x3 or group content.

That’s the problem with looking at data.

If you just looked at data, you’d see that a significant number of 3v3 tournament winning teams consist of some combination of Gunslinger/Wardancer/Sorc/Bard.

Clearly, the conclusion to draw from this data is that these 4 classes are overpowered and need to be nerfed :roll_eyes: .

The real reason Soulfist is so underrepresented is that she’s not a popular class to play. The class accounts for 2-4% representation in every single region across all servers. It makes complete sense to see that representation carry over to PvP.

Her playstyle is difficult to pick up, she’s not easy to master, and making a few small mistakes can completely ruin your overall performance in all content.

Does that mean she’s not good? Absolutely not. I regularly top damage in all content against similarly geared players of every class. I beat Zerkers, Sorcs, GS, Artillerists, and Glaiviers in damage on all of my Valtan runs, and the majority of my guild played extensively in RU/KR and are very good players. I perform similarly in PvP, though I don’t play much ranked these days. I burned myself out grinding in RU, and am waiting for Arcana to release.

I’m aware my experience is completely anecdotal, but plenty of other players feel the same way. Some of them have posted here.

Other classes may have higher representation, and that’s fine. Every class has something unique to offer in all content because classes aren’t homogeneous. Most other classes are mechanically less complex and thus easier to play, have more appealing skillsets, animations, or aesthetics - which is why people flock to them and their representation is so high.

They’re not going to change Soulfist because she’s perfectly fine. She just received some PvE buffs and she’s as strong as ever because of it.

The top performers in PvP can perform extremely well on her. There are a few RU GM players who absolutely dominate on their Soulfists, and they’re impossible to play against because they’ve put in so much time mastering the class. She’s one of the few classes you have to know matchups and counters on to excel at higher ranks because she has very little protection compared to classes like DB, Wardancer, and Berserker, just to name a few.

I don’t want to put anybody down, but perhaps people complaining about the class should reroll to one that’s easier to play. I guarantee you class design isn’t to blame for poor performance.

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The only good soulfist ive ever seen is hesitant alien but hes a gm player so w/e, Ive never seen a soulfist do well in my ranked games (ive seen soulfist 1 or 2 times max out of like 60 games excluding myself). I was having a pretty hard time when i got to gold playing soulfist so i changed to striker and shadow hunter and shot past platnium and now almost diamond(I now play my weeklies on soulfist in normals only).

The class is super hard to master in pvp, i’ve watched hesitant alien play and he ltiterally knows everything, using z at perfect time to immune cc, flash stepping into blade in between dark axel and upper slash transition to stagger and start combo, etc.

Plus when ur hype is down ur like half a class, even dps paladin is more useful than you… Like at least make it that soulfist is somewhat playable without hype on, soulfist is just a weaker zerker with 0 and I mean 0 SA during dmg combo.

less than a zerker combo and zerker is protected during combo :x

Paladins are not overly represented and they along with bards (another class that is clearly not as represented as some others) are extremely prominent on the top 100, deathblade wich is one of the most played classes are not even close to having as many ppl in the top 100 than bard and paladin and sorc, the representation of each class clearly tells a story about what classes perform and those that do not, top tier players did try soulfist and they records inmidiatly drop b/c soulfist is a hard class to play and it underperforms, if you play it perfectly you are more or less on equal footing than others, if you play it any less than perfect you are a weight for your team… consistency is key in competitive play and soulfist is just NOT consistent.
(its not the only unconsistent class but its one of the bad ones)

a perfectly played soulfist will do around the same work as an average top tier class to make her team win. wich is again bad, a perfectly played soulfist should do better than an average top tier class.
Never going to say she is not good b/c she is, BUT she is extremely unconsistent wich is awfull for ranked play (her identity just sucks in a game where the windows to win a match are created many times during a match you cannot have a class that is basically useless for 40-50 seconds) and if the soulfist had an amazing hype phase she would deal a bit more than other classes but not nearly nuf to justify being useless for that long afterward.

in pve she is one of the bunch… the big problem that i think you really fail to acknowledge is: there is no reason for soulfist being underrepresented, both in pvp and pve it is a beatiful class with a identity that sucks… the identity makes it extremely hard to balance the soulfist AND makes her extremely unconsistent in both pvp and pve… the class is beatiful and if it did not had as many cons it would be extremely well represented in both pve and pvp

data disagrees with you on this one for NA at least in KR the pvp balance is quite different b/c we have extra stats to allocate and other things that make soulfist quite a bit better over there, not here tho, soulfist are not anywhere near the top and that is not a coincidence.

i went to gold with soulfist, my performance was okish (as i went to gold with more than one class i am certainly not a top performer BUT data does not lie, the excuse would be compelling if you had to main a class in order to pvp with it but if you look at top pvpeers they run on lvl 24 toons XD)
I really like the class it was my main until i got lancemaster, performance wise lancemaster is just a lot more solid all around, the reality is that if it requires only the top of the top in order to have results there is something quite wrong with the class…

Her playstyle is difficult to pick up, she’s not easy to master, and making a few small mistakes can completely ruin your overall performance in all content.
So SF make few mistakes and they are doom but other classes can actually made more than a few mistake due to their super armor + ton of CC aoe skills. Do u think that is fair for SF players?

Let just low ball it and say Sure SF DPS is as strong or even stronger than most class and is equally balance to other classes but unlike other classes she cannot make mistake cause that will cause her doom. Sound fair?