Soulfist need QOL change

If you play EO SF you know how it feels to miss on hype 3 in the heat of fight even if you are giga experienced with class and it is most punishing thing ever that it is not even close to missing 3 surges or 3 Doomsday. The damage loss because you just didn’t pay attention to your middle UI for 2-3 sec is super punishing, they need to make meter appear on top of char same like Surge so we don’t have to look on UI 24/7 as it is about to expire.

To those who never played SF: So we have 3 stages of hype mode and the most common rotation is going to hype 2 and then you go to hype 3 as it is about to expire to get the full juice out of hype 2 but if you don’t pay attention for few seconds as it is expiring and missed on hype 3, you are fked as now you have to wait for meter to recover and then go to hype 2 and wait for it to run out and use hype 3 after. It is super punishing for such a small misplay and Hype 3 SF is the highest dps class in game as in the total hype window.

TLDR: Give SF a visual meter on top of character avatar same like surge blade.


This is a good take, and I think it is super punishing and was hoping for some kind of QoL for EO SF in ptr but it didn’t come. Hopefully in the future we’ll get something because it does suck to miss out on Hype 3 when you don’t pay attention for a second and it messes with your dominion timing too so you will have to awakening again at a certain time (this is for longer fights like clown g3 and brelshaza).

Yup, you might as well die at that point ngl because it mess your gear set buff too, the visual meter will make class atleast 50% easy to play for majority of players. It is not as super punishing in long fights like brel g5,6 but in gate 1-4 it is very punishing and you only get fighter by best.
If you can pull off everything right on EO you can 100% cruel fighter and not even a question but if you mess 1 hype 3 you are pretty much done.

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All fighters in general need work, from PvE to PvP they are underdogs.
The energy meter on Soulfist is pure cancer, as if SF doesn’t already have enough CD management to deal with it has the smallest meter pool on top of all that.

I don’t know how Korea goes to work when it comes to “balance” patches, but it’s rather BS.

SG too busy making money off skins rather than actually working on balance patches. Saying that I like the Hype meter thing but it can be 100% reworked, I mean why not just make 2 hypes? because noone use hype 1 on EO and RS just go to hype 3 anyways. Hype 1 serves no purpose at all.

Something like Deathblade surge meter that displays around the character model would be great yeah.

The problem with soulfist is having to wait for their identity meter instead of gaining one. It makes the class feels sluggish on a fast-paced playstyle. I’d like to see them change the hype meter to buff stacks similar to surge DB on EO. Provide % damage, attack speed & cooldown reduction per stack. You gain stacks by hitting enemies with skills. Then around 30x stacks, you can choose to burst to hype 3 etc. That would make it a bit easier to manage.

For RB they should add back hype 2 but nerf the duration of hype 3. So RB SF players can do something outside of their 20s burst window. Right now it just burst, do 2 rotations/awakening, get out and pretend you’re hitting the boss. Rinse and repeat :yawning_face: Aside from the huge numbers. It makes a boring, inactive playstyle.

I was literally thinking the same but I don’t know how hard it will be to balance but they can make that work for sure.

Yea RS is super boring, feels like you have no control over class, you just waiting for meter and do damage.

Even more buffs for the most broken class/build on LA West nowadays?
Hell no.
Perma raid cruel MVP and 10m trixion parse not enough for you?

HUH? no-one asking for buffs mate, we talking about QOL issues. Reading is hard.

It’s still a buff if it lets you optimize your dmg even more.

It is just a visual change to manage hype more comfortably, just like how you have on surge and Sorc have sound queue when your meter fills up. but we have no visual or sound queue when hype is expiring.

You can call it QoL, ballance patch, visual tweak. Sure it is, but in the end you’ll get even more dmg out of it so it’s still a buff for the class that’s already broken beyond any imagination.

Hype 1 is just as dead as Tier 1 content :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
The 1000 energy meter grinds me though, especially in PvP where you try and catch someone but when you do you can’t attack because your meter is depleted or you can only do 1-2 attack at best. Meanwhile everyone else is more mobile and it goes unpunished, Soulfist as the most mobile class (as seen by the in-game pentagon diagram) is a freaking joke.

The skills cost too much energy for what they do, which is basically be on par or worse with everyone else in terms of damage. Love the class, but hate how all fighters are getting screwed over, lately I’m starting to enjoy Wardancer more, though DPS wise it’s so-so at least I can do what I want and not have everything on cooldown constantly.

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