Soulfist what to do while waiting on hype?

What you guys do while waiting on hype?

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I do zdps while getting hit by the boss.

Tbh i just continue like normal and just being careful of when i can use dominon and hype together again.

I too would like to know what other SF players do in the downtime. I play eo. Robust is much faster regen and no dominion.

Swap over to another class

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I am playing RS. Before I just walk around, but people were ask all the time why I don’t attack. So right now I do autoattack.

I can’t use skills, because then they will be in cd when hype is ready

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I just keep up my rotation as always, simply she has a bit less DMG due to hype being off. EO full swift + conviction/judment and quick recharge, you never run out of skills.

I think a few of you missed the point. Yes with EO you just keep going. But the OP plays RS. You usually do nothing. If you CD gems are high enough you can flick out skills thatll be back up once Hype is ready.


Lol true I hadn’t see it was him in the comment above.

But yea OP keep doing auto attack thats perfect and no one will mind as long as they see your character moving around the boss. Just don’t go to Jersey lol

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When you are waiting on hype to recover, spam as many poses as you can within that timeframe :person_shrugging:

I wonder, can autoattack ruin my hallucination buff for hype?

It shouldnt.

A: It reads “on a succesfull attack”.
B: Once you reach reality you have a lot of time. Even in longer mechs or cutscenes i dont lose the Buff. ( EG. Vykas Typo, Brel Meteor Transition)

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No it will not affect your set. Its only for skills, not auto attack

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nice thx for help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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As EO I just keep hitting the boss. Robust Spirit…no clue.

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Any thoughts as to why sf only get small changes in almost every balance patch?

Do they want more or less of them running around?

I came here to reply exactly this but you beat me to it.

Is it due to some folks underperforming in Soulfist or why the hate. Both Engravings are able to perform really well If executed properly.

The problem with soulfist is that it is very hard to reach the ceiling.

You have to work insanely hard, much, much harder than most of the classes, to reach your ceiling.

And once you reach your ceiling after your insane hard work, investment, gems, honing, quality, and accessories.

You realise your celiling will never ever be a match for facerolling mashing 0 skill requirement summoner sorc and artillerist which will mop your ceiling free with at least 40% difference.

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True but i enjoy the Challenge. I could never fathom playing Wheelchair. Its the most boring aside from pally gameplay wise.

Even DI Sh is more enjoyable since you can at least mash buttons.


Man i just wish SF didnt have to do dominon AND hype management.

If it was hitmaster then i would be okay with dominon AND hype managemnet.

But what Spulberizer said, we get arthritis for anything but cruel fighter when a real burst dps class is in the raid.

Rise to the occasion and make them aware :wink:

The other day i barely got into brel running my 1530 with Precise Dagger but Adrenaline because gold back when i built her and got most damage in G3 vs. Igniter and Arcana and two Guys we’re like: You can do that?

Was ist because they sucked. No way to tell. But i knew i hit 2 H3 really well and was satusfied. I Set standards to myself. Being MVP is nice and all but i know when i played well or where i have to improve not comparing myself to other people that much.

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