Souls disappear from the bank

Yesterday I found an anomaly on my bank, in which having to insert some objects and knowing that it was already practically full, I was trying to think of a way to find some space, but when I opened it I noticed some empty spaces that I did not have before, having then checked I noticed the lack of all my souls of the islands, obviously I tried to think if actually somehow I had somehow consumed them, also because at the moment I would not even know how to spend them.
In case, list me some actions in which I could have consumed them.

Talking to the statue on the lonely island turns them in. They might also be in a different storage tab of your personal or roster storage. The pet storage is another common culprit for lost items.

I had already tried to check all the spaces between pet, bank and storage, but aside from this, I haven’t been to that island for a long time