Sound dies while playing, sometimes game freezes


I’m having an issue that only started about 1 week ago, where mid-play the game sounds suddenly go out, sometimes the game even freezes and is non-responsive.
This can accur at any time, any place in the game, no matter what I’m doing. I have a dual-screen setup and often watch youtube on my second monitor or talk to friends on discord. But I’ve also tried having no other applications running and the same happened. Sometimes the game will unfreeze but the sound never returns until restarting the game (char select or channel swap doesn’t help).

I’ve tried everything from verifying game files, reinstalling the game, reinstalling audio drivers and reinstalling video drivers. I’ve even ran a disk-checkup, memory check, scanned windows files for any errors, nothing seems to be wrong. Lost Ark is the only game this happens in and it only started about 1 week / 10 days ago. At launch and the first two weeks everything was working normal.

I am out of ideas what to do to fix this as it is extremely annoying and also very bad for the whole party if it happens during dungeon raiding.

Best regards

Hi @vovk.miha welcome to our community :man_mage:

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this sound issue, it sounds frustrating and we want you to experience the game to it’s fullest:

It seems that you have tried most of the basic troubleshooting, so i suggest that you contact us trough the following link so we can escalate the issue:

Thanks for your patience! :dragon: