Sound Effect Lost

Upon entering the Regria Monastery and turning in a quest, sound effects I.E (character sounds, horse summon sounds, combat sounds) went mute. Voice lines still active in quest menu. Only resolution was a restart. Check all options to make sure nothing got muted.


Same as soon as I turned my quest in to Brother Alred sound effects were lost. I can only hear things like a player playing music on their instrument and opening of menus.

Yep. Same area and problems. NPC and UI audio is there, nothing else

Going back to character select screen and back to the character fixes it

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Just would like to report that I as well have this issue. It happens when I am switching between monitors. I have the game set at 1600x900 window mode, and I switch to my other monitor and come back to Lost Ark the sound for sfx is gone. Examples are spell sounds, footsteps, and voice for casting.

Yep,happened to me too. Just wanted to make a topic about this but since there is one already opened i won t bother the team. Thanks.

Same for me. It was resolved as soon as I loaded into a Hidden Dungeon. So any loading screen fixes it I believe.