South America Market Reality

Hello, the reason I’m here today, is due the prices for SA servers.

Prices are all based on USD, what wouldn’t be bad if we didn’t have a SA server.

I know that Europe has countries that have the same problem as we do, but they are all in one region server, what makes more difficult to deal with.

Saying that I will provide some reality of Brazil so you guys could compare.
Right now on server you can buy 12000 Royal Crystals for 99USD, and in brazillian accounts 576.99RS (equals to 109USD). For those who earn in USD exemple USA, the minimum wage is about 11USD hourly, in Brazil the reality is totally different, the minimum wage is about 8RS hourly, that means 1.60USD hourly. Even for a crystaline aura that is 56.99RS is hard.

With those explain, it will set the server prices really high, and players that has no money to put in will be too behind if they need to buy blue crystals or even a premium(crystaline aura).

If South America hasn’t it own server, I wouldn’t be saying that at all, because of exploits, but with our own server, I believe that this lower on prices will make it more acessible for South America Region.

I used an exemple of minimum wages, not all people do minimum wages on both countries. I just want to show the reality of them both, and used Brazil and USA, because I lived on both countries.

I would like to have an answer from amazon about it. Because the answer we had from Founder packs was that people were exploiting thats why they had to keep on USD base. But now with different server, and in-server shop, I don’t see a reason for it.

Thanks to all, PuginaTV.


SA server need Help!!!


Depois de ver os cristais por 700g bateu um desespero por ser f2p, haha.

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the prices in the store, and the decision of didn’t regionalize the prices to LA servers, is responsabilite of amazon or smilegate? We need know, please, can you give us a answer? a lot of people want to spend on the game, but for a fair price. Regionalize prices



we need the regionalization of prices in the ingame store. Without them, people who whale will completely dominate the market and gold in game. Just compare the price of crystals with gold in the SA server (due to people not buying crystals) with other servers.

Post just died, I know bots is really their priority, but they are already losing a lot of playerbase… hope they dont take too long to solve about Bots, and see other stuff like this!

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yes, sadly :frowning: