South Vern Adventure Tome HM Valtan Credit


I was reviewing Adventure Tomes and noticed I was capped at 88.3% on South Vern, but there is no credit for HM as there are for other Tomes ie Punika?


South Vern


I’ve cleared HM Valtan every week since introduction. Is this a bug or working/designed as intended?

Grateful for a review and if an error, it’s adapted so consistent with all other Tomes.

I’m not sure but I would say you get the missing percent from clearing 2 of the legion raids that haven’t releaded yet… Since that’s still question marked on your last picture.

Making Hard Mode difficulty a requirement for adventure tome wouldn’t be the best. They only count Normal Mode.

Thanks for this - I have no doubt you do, but my question is more related to a specific HM Adventure Tome achievement. Note Punika has the Red HM for Dungeons, so you would expect South Vern has a Red HM for the same.

That’s why I posted the pictures - Punika has the Blue (Normal) and Red (Hard) and South Vern only has the Blue (Normal), but I have cleared Hard (ie Red).

I hope this clarifies my post.

These are “legion raids” not like the others were you que from an instance dungeon.

Not many could do hm but only normal, to make it fair for all is to not add hardmode on the tab.

I would say (as the other guy said) completing the tome is more horizontal ‘‘easy’’ content. I doubt they would make you clear HM of those legion raids to get the 100%. I might be completly wrong tho,it’s just my assumption.

You’re right. That’s fair, but you can come back and clear it later for the achieve. Nevertheless, it’s a good argument and one I had not considered - HM Valtan should not preclude people from 100% in the Adventure Tome, that’s asking a bit much. :slight_smile:

Yeaa as the others said…

In Korea it also doesn’t seem to be a thing.

Thanks for taking the time to check this from the KR version. Much appreciated.

It’s better this way, almost no one will clear HM vykas. If that was a requirement you would see a lot of unfinished tomes.