South Vern adventurer's tome

Anyone knows why at the adventurer’s tome of South Vern even though i killed both valant/vykas on hardmode, i haven’t taken any credit? Does it need the hell mode coming soon or anything else?

no, even killing normal mode is enough for those checks


Are you sure you haven’t gotten credit for them? Could you show us a picture of your Tome?

Sry for replying so late. Had some things to do today IRL

You have the credit bro lol

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They don’t have second difficulty for the tome you just need to kill them in general.

Yea. Every region for the dungeons have a blue colour for normal mode. and red for hard mode. How could i know that this one is difrenet and u get credit for both even with normal? That was my question…

Because if it has a hard mode it’ll be greyed out like all the other regions lol

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Well. Those aren’t dungeons. They’re RAIDS. So that’s already different.

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Fair point. Didnt think of that at all… Ty for your time