South Vern bots getting smart

The sorc bot in south vern getting smart standing in spots where you can use cntl right click on them because of the collision XD

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Did that really stop them before?

and?? there’s bots in a lot of different zones.

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yes they are problem as much as these ones but these are affecting end game directly atm

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If you look closely they aren’t even bots.
The names don’t seem like a bot.

Also bots move 24/7 they have no reason to stand still.

I don´t understand.
I never saw something like this.
Can´t they just ban these accounts?
They are easy to locate, but it seems like nothing is done about it.

It looks to me like a multiboxer that is AFKing and using some sort of macro to possibly farm rapport items to sell or something. Definitely against TOS and bannable.

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If they are trying to avoid being reported you can just send a screenshot of them here.

Who says they will anyway. They have banned more post on forums related to the bot topic rather than the bots themselves.

AHHAHAHAA yeah it is true and that’s funny …imagine the game going to die and they won’t be able to launch all the content bcuz they don’t fix the bot issue …it’s like knowing you have a problem that will make stop winning more money cuz u don’t want to make a simple effort to fix it

Game won’t die… AGS just simply ignored bots

Doubt, for sure they have not ignored this problem, this is deep topic and solvin in 100% is impossible. Best solution which would reduce this on 80% is p2p system. I never saw any f2p game without bots even in b2p u have them a lot. Problem is with ppl who keep buying gold for them, just to get advantage over others, which according to design of this game is at least senseless, paying real money for next 10% success chance in game ? I dont know how to comment it…

Not 10% chance but more chance to gamble…
Let say F2P get 1 tap honing per day… if you pay you can do 10-100 tap per day (depend on spending and thus increase chance of successful honing… Win)

Still I dont understand xd