South Vern Cutscene Voice Audio Missing

So I’m doing South Vern final battle for the second time (on an alt), and I could’ve sworn that there were voices for the dialogue, but the audio volume seems really low and there’s no voices for the dialogue. It makes it FAR less epic and I was interested in re-watching it to re-live the experience but I had to just skip the cutscenes because they were depressing to watch with the strange audio.

I think this has to do with the Korean Voice Pack since that’s what I’m using and there have been issues with it in the past.

If someone could please look into this ASAP–this would greatly affect the experience for new players who are doing the story for the first time. Thank you! :pray:

Hello! Thanks for informing us of this issue. I’ll pass this along to the team!

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Thank you! :blush:

@OminousOnion I just did the South Vern Cutscene again on another alt and there are voices now! Idk if anything changed on your end. I did verify integrity of game files before trying this quest again though. Can’t say for certain if that fixed it or not, or maybe this was fixed in the last maintenance?

Anyway just wanted to give you an update! Thank you :smile:

Thanks for updating us! Glad to see it’s all fixed for you now.

I’ll be on the lookout, if it pops up again it could be the solution was to verify the game files. Thanks!

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