South Vern Dungeon trade-ins are character bound :c

Somewhat bummed that these rewards are not roster bound like anguished isle… bought some on my main and wanted to used them on my alt to boost him a but but now ye… hes stuck with 170 honor leapstones he doesnt really need.

Hope this can be changed

I mean at the very least you can trade them up to the Great Honors at a 5->1 so you still net 34 GH stones

yes you are right about that, but yes… its a predicament. Its not a giant rip like those Pepegas who used express on main but its still annoying since I dont have that much time doing south vern on all my alts.

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Well the shop is 1 time buys, it never resets and the leapstones are locked at a 1370ilvl purchase requirement, which admittedly is weird but it is what it is. You can’t physically use those leapstones on a char that can use them, its a very odd decision.

It is 1 time per character afaik

I haven’t been able to verify but everything I’ve seen leads me to believe it is roster wide shop just like Anguished Isle is. Since everyone mentions once you have the star and the shop bought out you never have to run it again.

Would be weird since both entry tokens and shards are roster bound

But the Designdecision is weird anyways. U need 1370 to be able to use the Shop. U cant put the Box or the stones into the rosterstorage.

I need them for my alt and there is no way to Transfer them.

actually you can do the dungeon once per week on a single char, you can not do the dungeon with all your alts.