South Vern dungeons not fixed since thursday

Hello everyone as most of you know there are problems with vern instances. How about devs can remove the pre-requisite for South Vern questline on chaos dungeons and valtan for the time they can fix the issue? My character is legit waiting at same spot for 4 days hoping it would be fixed soon. There is no information about when it will be fixed. Not sure to save rest for dungeons or not also big portion of us are missing the valtan because of this inconvenience. I dont think removing the pre-req for quest line for the time being wouldnt be so hard to accomplish. Best regards

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that would be nice if they did something like that

You can still do Valtan. I completed it and I’m still stuck on the questline for South Vern. I would REALLY like to be able to do Chaos Dungeons though sometime before next month’s patch.

you cant do valtan when you are locked out of main story my guy

maybe if it’s your first time doing MSQ. But for alts you don’t need it to do Valtan.

Source: I literally did it and I can’t finish the storyline on my alt

It might work on alts but in my case I am trying to do it with my main. Spent too much materials and gold just to hit 1415 on thursday for new content, still waiting for a fix for three days. Kinda sucks

Yea I just came across that today. Hit 1415 yesterday so decided to run the story only to find that the instance is locked and can’t enter to progress the story. No hotfix for this? No updates about it at all? This is locking me out of Valtan for the week and it sucks cause I pushed 1415 hard to be able to run it

Is this related to me not even being able to zone into South Vern? I’m trying to do the quest line to leads me into it. But I get infinite loading screen when the quest is telling me to go to Candaria Territory.

How it’s possible to have this issue since thursday ? … i can’t do valtan and i’m pretty sure i lost my week of earnings thanks to that… any compensation or something for this stupid issue (there’s a few workaround you guys could do) ?.

No, there’s a dungeon instance that was apparently bugged and cause people to have an infinite loading screen, similar to your issue but a different map. They have since locked the instance so no one is able to enter it until they fix the bug

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