South vern knowledge transfer bug

Hello, I used south vern knowledge transfer on my alt and never received the equipment chest that I was supposed to get. any gm’s that can help with this?

You should only have the story completed, not the gear. Vern knowledge transfer is as far as I know the only one that gives 302ilvl gear.

You dont get a Chest from Knowledge transfer,

ahhhh I see thank you

Hey there @michaelango6 Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

The South Vern Knowledge Transfer only completes the South Vern questline in order to unlock content gated for characters that haven’t completed it such as Chaos Dungeons of item level 1415, 1445 and 1475.

This is not the case with the South Vern Powerpass which has now been added to the game and can be purchased with Royal Crystals, this does include a set of 1370 gear as mentioned in the Feast with Friends Update release notes.

Hope this helps!

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Ah man, thank you