South Vern power pass question

Hello! I recently decided I was going to make my Glavier my main pve character

However I must say grinding out the initial tier 2-3 is time consuming

Nothing wrong with that but I was considering buying the south Vern power pass to get my character on the same level as my friend so we can do content together

Money isn’t a big issue but I also wouldn’t mind saving it

Do you guys thing there will be another express pass coming soon when valtan drops? Or would the power pass probably be worth it

Your talking about 3 different things so I’m confused. Express pass doesn’t do anything but help honing rates. Power pass is gifted free to us probably once per 2 months and 2 classes released. Knowledge transfers are from your stronghold and cost gold. What are you asking?

By express pass, you meant express event? Since there’s no such thing as “express pass.” We won’t be getting a new one when Valtan drops because the current one is still in progress.
We won’t be getting a new powerpass either. If you already used up all your 3 passes, tough luck.

My bad it’s called the south Vern completion chest no idea what it does or is

It gives you blue crystal.